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    Active Cloud Archive™

    InfoPreserve couples content management with archival capabilities to ensure that you can not only share and collaborate today, but you can continue to manage and retrieve those documents for their entire useful life.  We provide you with an “active archive.”

    What is an archive?

    Depending on who you talk to it can be a very different story.

    Record storage once meant archiving all of your important files by printing and storing them in boxes and safely storing them in a file cabinet, banished to the basement in a file room, or at an offsite storage facility. Unfortunately, many paper documents still meet with this same fate today.

    The Digital Age

    How about a fully cloud-based solution hosted on a private cloud?

    As more and more information began to be generated digitally, IT professionals worked hard to convince employees to back up files on their server or external media like floppy disks or CD’s. In reality few people took the time to backup their data because the process was time consuming and cumbersome. If you did not regularly back up your data correctly, you could experience massive data loss.

    What happened next- servers were packed to their limits and IT professionals were looking for ways to find space. To this day as network drives run out of space, IT professionals don't dare delete any files to free up space.  Instead they move the oldest documents and files to tape backups and CDs. That creates a false sense of security - the documents are backed up, but not truly archived or preserved.

    Of course they could add more drives, but often they would hear “that’s not in your Budget”. Now what do they do??

    Asking your IT department to find and restore a file off a backup can also be an issue.  They may not be staffed to handle the requests or qualified to search through the information they have been entrusted to handle.  Simply indexing a computer tape can cost over $25,000.

    An example of the issue:

    The legal department in a  company needed information about a patent or documents involving a real estate transaction so they ask the IT department to look through tapes and CD's for all of the files that contained that information. This could take days depending on the depth of that search. Also, they can only look for files by name - if the content needs to be searched to find the information, this will require a lot more time and expense. Even if they do find and recover the documents that were saved years ago, they may be in a proprietary format for which you no longer have the software to access it, so in the end you still cannot read or use that document. Had they been using InfoPreserve with Active Cloud ArchiveTM the legal department could have searched and found the information themselves in seconds.

    Looking to the Cloud

    Soon the age of online backup and archive was born, but backup and archive are very different.  Backup is designed for disaster recovery when you need to restore all of your data due to a hardware failure.

    Backup is NOT archive:

    Today most people believe if they back everything up the can easily get back any file they lost.

    Backup is actually risky and can provide you with a false sense of security.  Back up is designed for disaster recovery such as when you have a fire, a computer crash, or your laptop is stolen. Your data can be restored to the same state it was the last time you backed up your computer. Back up is not intended to recover a single document nor is it built in a way that makes it easy to manage, search, or sort the data that was backed up. If you are recovering a file that was stored in an older format that is not used anymore you may have trouble opening it.  Also how do you know if that document is the original? With Active Cloud ArchiveTM,   you are positive all of your data is safe, readable and the original version.

    What is Archive?

    Archive, on the other hand, is very similar to boxing up paper records and placing them in storage, except you are dealing with digital files rather than paper files.

    Take, for example, a shared network drive that is reaching capacity.  The IT manager doesn’t have the budget to add more drive space, so instead he archives the files that haven’t been accessed in a long time.  Traditionally these files are written to tape and placed in storage.

    While in theory these files are still “available”, for all practical purposes finding and using any of them again is unlikely. It adds costs, take time to find and most IT departments do not have the staff to do this unless its and emergency.

    Active Cloud Archive™

    By moving these files to the InfoPreserve Cloud, you can now have full capability to manage and access these files, but only for as long as you need them.  You can still instantly search and find any document based on its content.  But with full retention management you also know when you no longer need to keep a document.  This provides you with the ability to quickly and efficiently respond to regulatory requests or legal discovery actions as well as being able to utilize the digital assets that have already been created by someone in your business.  This is InfoPreserve’s Active Cloud Archive. Unique, efficient and safe you will always be able to access information that has been stored for years in seconds and all from your desktop

    No One offers the security and convenience of this feature and all part of the InfoPreserve suite of products.Questions?

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