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    Benefits Overview

    InfoPreserve allows companies to manage their important documents and records (their digital assets) in a way that’s never been available before.

    Moving your organization’s documents and other critical digital files to the InfoPreserve cloud allows your whole team to benefit the most from these digital assets.

    And it’s easy!

    If you can do a Google® search, you’ll understand how easy this system is for the non-technical user.

    Below we outline the top benefits of implementing InfoPreserve into your workflow.

    Up and running in less than 30 minutes... and that's just ONE benefit.


    Increase reference and reuse – get more out of the work you’ve already paid to have done because it’s now accessible across the enterprise.

    Learn all about how InfoPreserve is available anywhere


    With InfoPreserve, you no longer need to know what a document was named or where it was saved to find it.

    Our powerful search tools allow you to find both your documents and those of your coworkers in seconds. Save time and increase productivity!

    How does being searchable improve your business?

    Save Emails

    The content of email is, in fact, a valuable business asset.

    Before InfoPreserve, documents were saved separately from the email to which they were attached. With InfoPreserve, you can immediately identify messages with their attachments for automatic upload. Thus, making them instantly available for search and retrieval. You can even match a search phrase in an email attachment!

    All about the benefits of saving emails to InfoPreserve

    Access Level Control

    While documents are immediately available for sharing across your entire enterprise, access controls ensure that documents are visible only to those who should see them.

    InfoPreserve customers create rules that determine which users see specific documents.

    Access level control details

    Audit Trails

    InfoPreserve’s audit trails deliver comprehensive reporting on document and user activity.

    Can you tell when an employee has saved files from your shared network drive to a personal flash drive?

    With InfoPreserve, you know everything your employees have viewed or downloaded no matter where they may be.

    Learn more about audit trails


    Keep documents as long as you must, but get rid of them when you can!

    InfoPreserve’s built in retention workflow makes it easy to manage the time frames for mandated record-keeping or for setting reminders.

    The time to set retention dates is when you save documents. Shared network drives quickly fill up, making it almost impossible to figure out which files need to be kept and which can be deleted – creating an IT manager’s nightmare!

    Retention is a huge benefit

    Content Authentication

    Digital copies of paper files now have the same legal standing as the original.

    Legal discovery rules require files born digitally to be presented digitally, but how can you prove a file hasn’t been altered?

    Our technology allows the content of a digital file to be authenticated. You can prove that files have not been altered since the date and time they were uploaded.

    How content authentication works

    SaaS Model

    Today’s competitive enterprises demand greater economies of scale in all disciplines, including their technology platforms and data centers.

    Learn more about why you should consider a private cloud solution like InfoPreserve


    Businesses are faced with ever increasing compliance regulations at all levels.

    New issues constantly arise requiring regulatory clarity and powerful reporting tools that can be seamlessly integrated to meet both internal needs and external requests.

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