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    The Watchers

    It’s all we hear about, read about, and see on the news lately:  we’re being watched. Hackers, agencies, heck, anyone with a smart phone can quietly access your private information.  And they do it without the old-fashioned tools of the theft trade.  No crowbars, just anonymous mouse clicks.

    Watchers will always be lurking and evolving at the speed of technology, but what if you had an extra layer of security between them and your confidential documents? What if you could monitor your sensitive information in real-time from the moment of automatic document ingestion in a secure repository?  Information provenance and access tracking is the next secret weapon in secure, cloud-based document management, and we’ve got it – WatchFolders.  Your documents – any size, type, or format, including images – are ingested from your local drives, central servers, copiers, faxes, email attachments or FTP site without extra manual steps (hence the common and secure file repository).

    The advantage of WatchFolders is the ease of sharing and collaboration of documents within an organization of pre-authorized personnel, partners, and suppliers.  It’s your peace-of-mind feature from InfoPreserve.  To get your own secret agent (code name: WatchFolders), call us at (585) 542-4183. 

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