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    InfoPreserve Featured in Rochester Business Journal

    InfoPreserve CEO, John Chapman, was featured in the Jun 28, 2013 edition of the Rochester Business Journal in special report on offsite data storage.  While InfoPreserve's solution focuses on content and records management in the Cloud, offsite data storage is a component of that service.  Read the full article here: Demand for offsite data storage services sees uptick.


    Look out, Dunder Mifflin: the office is going paperless.

    Dwight Shrute won’t like this, but hey, the environment will approve. Fact: the average American attorney uses one ton of paper per year. Another fact: the average financial industry employee generates about two pounds of paper per day. How do you track all of that paper? How do you find anything?  We can’t.  And we don’t.  Most document management systems are based on antiquated paper filing systems.  Documents are lost in a maze of odd names, files, folders, and drives—or deleted.

    Have you ever tried to find a document without the exact title and author?  If so, you understand why people keep paper files in a desk drawer, but you can’t share information or collaborate with worldwide partners from a drawer (even with help from the assistant regional manager).

    InfoPreserve’s document management system tracks everything from documents to emails, attachments to photos, and more.  You can collaborate with coworkers across the room and around the world. You will have to keep some paper (see Dwight, it’s not so bad), and information will still be at your fingertips.  Today’s paper sales force is tomorrow’s beet farmer, mark my words.  Don’t be a beet farmer. Contact us for a free 30-day trial.  Have a question?  We’d love to talk to you.  Call (585) 542-4183.


    HR Issues: A Tropical Epidemic


    While vacationing in Aruba last week, I struck up a dinner conversation with the couple at the table next to me - Xena (my dining companion, not the warrior princess) and I chatted about her HR work for the Dutch navy in Aruba. She keeps track of the local staff and sailors’ records, too. Her biggest problem is the dual compliance requirement between Aruba and the Netherlands. Now that’s the ultimate remote office! It made me think about worldwide HR documentation and compliance from small companies to large corporations. No matter the size or structure of a company, each requires a global system that works 24/7. In the current economic climate, the typical office staff is stretched, by workload, budget and distance—every day.

    What, I asked Xena, did she need to fix the problem?  A system that automatically tracks and audits various documents to for consistent updating and flexible, individual compliance auditing, she told me. InfoPreserve anticipated that need in our software design, I explained. Right there at the table (because you can access InfoPreserve anywhere!), I guided Xena through a forensic search that allows our customers to look for key words and documents. And then, with the problem solved, we finished our dinner, enjoyed a drink or two, and continued our respective vacations.  I’m back in the office now, so contact me for a free demonstration and 30-day trial of InfoPreserve. What’s your biggest issue?  Let’s solve it together—with or without a steel drum and a cocktail. Call us at 585-542-4183.




    Backup? Yeah, we’ve got that.

    When you ask someone about their file security, they invariably say, “We’re OK.  We have backup.”  What is backup?  Why does it make users feel safe?  Fun fact:  it wasn’t designed to pull a few files out.  It was built for disaster recovery. How does it work?  Say your business burns down. Or a hurricane sweeps your offices out to sea (knock wood).  Your files are safe in a cloud.  Our cloud. 

    The InfoPreserve Active Cloud Archive, to be precise.  Active Cloud Archive is a service that’s exclusive to InfoPreserve, deftly handling document management and storage, archiving and preservation.  It’s quick, too.  InfoPreserve software archives files that can be accessed by company personnel—even remotely—without filing the requisite IT request and waiting for it to be filled.  (Sounds like a prescription, doesn’t it?)  Saves time, saves money.  Might save a headache or two.

    Our Active Cloud Archive is included in InfoPreserve software at no extra cost to our customers.  It’s faster and more efficient than looking for a file in the debris that is the outdated backup system. Click here for a free 30-day trial.  Have a question?  Want to talk to one of our InfoPreserve software experts?  Call 585-542-4183


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