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    Compliance Management and Retention

    Businesses are faced with ever increasing compliance regulations at all levels. New issues constantly arise requiring regulatory clarity and powerful reporting tools that can be seamlessly integrated to meet both internal needs and external requests.

    Often auditors are demanding rapid responses to requests with accurate and comprehensive reporting. The risk for non compliance is harsh penalties costing you thousands of dollars.

    Today, the Compliance Professional is wrestling with their data needs. Both records and content management have become a large part of the daily life for their internal use as well as supporting diverse and growing clients.

    The risk of non compliance grows each year as government adds new rules and larger fines.

    The need for efficient software tools to enable file sharing, collaboration and online storage at the right cost structure are paramount to meeting their business, compliance, and financial budget needs.

    InfoPreserve is Compliant

    The InfoPreserve Solution offers a private cloud based solution housed in the USA that is designed to be Simple, Searchable, and Secure.

    Our system is designed for easy workflow, document management, and collaboration between departments, vendors, customers, and anyone else you need to work with. We put the control in your hands.

    InfoPreserve has designed an intelligent document management solution that enables:

    • Exceptional viewing and upload controls - easy to collaborate, but strict controls keep data safe.
    • Preserving, integrating, and exporting documents.
    • Use of strict access controls and audit trails within InfoPreserve, which allows firms to store and share vital assets while keeping track of users and documents, and their controlling distribution.

    and allows users to:

    • Perform self audits to confirm your records are always compliant
    • Store documents on InfoPreserve's private cloud housed in a secure environment in the USA
    • Upload and back up constantly with Automatic Watch folder that use a simple drag and drop / right click system
    • Track a documents life - who views, downloads, or modifies it