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    Features Overview

    Every day your employees create emails, proposals, spreadsheets, and other important documents.

    Where do these documents end up?

    In many organizations, these files languish in disorganized shared folders or reside on an employee’s laptop or PC until being banished to recycling bins and archive folders.

    But these digital files are valuable resources that belong to the company.

    So why do most businesses fail to take advantage of them?

    Because doing so has typically proved to be more hassle than helpful.

    These disparate digital assets are found everywhere inside your organization. InfoPreserve provides powerful searching of these “unstructured data” files to enhance your day.


    Our intelligent document management service allows
    you to leverage your digital files with the most full-featured
    cloud solution available today.

    Common Software Integration

    InfoPreserve integrates into the vast majority of off-the-shelf (and online) software. Here is an incomplete list: Google Docs/Apps, Active Directory, Outlook,

    See the full list of software integrations

    File Sharing Collaboration

    Automatically upload information anytime from anywhere to a common repository for file sharing. Set passwords and permissions to ensure only those that have access are sharing the appropriate documents.

    Full details about how file sharing works

    Powerful File Search

    No more wasted hours searching for documents and emails. Your whole team can find what they need when they need it! All your files are instantly searched, captured and retrieved for workplace and client collaboration.

    Learn more about our powerful file search feature

    Active Cloud Archive™

    InfoPreserve couples content management with archival capabilities to ensure that you can not only share and collaborate today, but you can continue to manage and retrieve those documents for their entire useful life.  We provide you with an “active archive.”

    Learn more about our Active Cloud Archive

    File Storage Security

    InfoPreserve boasts comprehensive, technology-based access management controls and physical security that is second to none. Secure storage and transfer, an encrypted and secure connection and deletion protection are just a few measures taken with our system.

    Security is at the top of our list - learn more


    We offer several layers of document reporting, including text and graphics, that show the history of any document down to the IP address.

    Get the details about reporting

    Document Scanning

    Instantly scan cumbersome paper files to a searchable, accessible digital format.  Today most office document scanners can drop the scanned file into a folder on a network drive. Using InfoPreserve’s Watched Folders, the document is automatically uploaded and commercial-grade optical character recognition (OCR) is applied making the content document instantly searchable.

    Transfering paper to digital has very important benefits

    File Storage

    InfoPreserve is an online accessed system. It stores your digital files using a retention schedule and provides very fast retrieval of any stored file.

    Learn about how file storage works and its specifications

    Document Shredding

    We provide both on-site and off-site shredding of your paper documents (after they are stored digitally). Shredding sensative informaiton is a secure measure and usually mandated.

    Keep in compliance by shredding sensative documents

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