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    Industry Overview

    Today in a global business climate, companies find that they store records, collaborate, and share files in a combination of digital files, emails with attachments, and paper documents in multiple locations and departments. All of these assets are at the heart of what makes your business function, they can be a businesses' greatest asset.

    “While your digital documents and assets can take many forms, the risk of losing these assets is clear— it can affect lives, wealth, and your company’s own reputation, finances, and legal standing.”

    InfoPreserve works with many industry verticals and an array of decision makers that include HR, IT, Finance, Legal, and compliance managers to help them use the most efficient system to enable file sharing, storage, management, and collaboration. Businesses of all types are able to use our system to help promote work flow, streamline operations, and collaborate between employees on the road, vendors, remote offices, and customers.

    If you are in manufacturing or a distribution company, the intuitive design of our cloud based record storage and management system, with its excellent added security, helps protect your confidential data from overseas venders, competitors, or the damage that can be caused by a disgruntled employee.

    Compliance is also a huge factor and keeping your documentation ready for review is a big job, but we make it small. Unified tariff codes, Rohos documentation, specification on coating and lead testing, and ISO 9000 certifications can all be tracked, stored, and found in seconds making sure you are always in compliance with industry, national, and international standards.  We can make all of your content instantly searchable whether it be a digital document, an email with an attachment, or a scanned paper document.

    We help you find everything you need when you need it and keep it all in one safe private cloud.

    Looking for a secure cloud-based solution for your documents?
    InfoPreserve has you covered.

    How will InfoPreserve work for you?

    Our customers have asked us to think out of the box to help bring new solutions to the table to leverage their critical digital assets while not adding additional overhead in terms of costs and resources. At InfoPreserve, we strongly believe the voice of the customer is the guiding force of our development plans, which allows us to create great outcomes for your business.

    We allow you to manage your digital assets in a private, secure environment. InfoPreserve works with an array of decision makers and many industry verticals:

    Together we enable file sharing and collaboration with comprehensive records management capabilities in a cost effective manner.

    Areas that We Service:

    Financial Document Management & Retention

    The financial industry verticals (credit unions, mortgage processors, regional banks, internal corporate departments, etc) are looking for simple and efficient tools to help them in this complex environment with collecting, storing, and retrieving documents and forms. These verticals need to work together, yet still be compliant with industry standards.


    • The banking industry, including credit unions, mortgage processors, and regional banks, is looking for simple and efficient tools to help them collect, store, and retrieve documents and forms for sharing and collaboration internally, with partners, and with customers using a secure environment that the industry requires.
    • InfoPreserve's solution accommodates businesses at the global level by department and case level views so information can be utilized across several functional areas.
    • With continued movement and pressure to adhere to more strict reporting and compliance requirements to satisfy regulatory needs, the ability to satisfy this need in a cost effective manner while integrating into the current workflow to leverage these digital assets is crucial.
    • Security is also a huge issue too; state, federal and international banking regulations require strict security. The InfoPreserve system will control promotions down to the document level so only the people who need the information will have access.

    Finance Professionals

    • Tax, accounting, and consulting firms use the power of InfoPreserve to leverage the sharing and reuse of the firm’s most valuable and coveted intellectual property.
    • With the creation of a typical document ranging anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000, reuse and leverage of your key digital assets is a tremendous competitive advantage.

    Learn more about Financial Document Management & Retention

    Healthcare Document Management & Retention

    Today the healthcare industry continues to undergo rapid changes in terms of content and records management, as well as, file sharing and collaboration of digital assets. Hospitals, managed care facilities, and suppliers in this industry are all trying to enhance the patient experience and balance their budget.

    InfoPreserve has a simple and effective solution that will benefit:

    • Senior care facilities
    • Hospitals
    • Medical groups
    • Home healthcare agencies
    • Specialty practices : Optical, Plastic surgery, Veterinarian, Chiropractor ETC

    Use InfoPreserve to manage mandated record keeping and increase efficiency in operations. The easy-to-use platform helps manage digital files and paper records scanned to digital formats, and supports process improvements in both office areas and facility-wide.

    Learn more about Healthcare Document Management & Retention

    Legal Document Management & Retention

    Law firms and corporate legal departments need a powerful and secure way to search, share, and manage information in a timely and cost effective manner.

    The professional legal service industry is wrestling with its data needs. Both records and content management have become a large part of the daily life for their internal use, along with supporting diverse and growing clients. The need for efficient software tools to enable file sharing, collaboration and online storage at the right cost structure are paramount to meeting their business and finical budget needs. Securely share and collaborate not only internally, but with your clients as well.

    In today’s fast paced legal world, firms need to find and retrieve documents quickly and easily at an affordable cost. With InfoPreserve, the lost billable hours spent manually searching for documents, not to mention the cost of recreating documents that can’t be found, is eliminated and immediately results in a significant ROI.

    Learn more about Legal Document Management & Retention


    Corporate Compliance

    Risk and compliance managers are faced with ever increasing regulations at all levels. New compliance issues require regulatory clarity and powerful reporting tools that can be seamlessly integrated to meet both internal needs and external requests. Mangers have to balance the rules from local, state, national, and in some cases, international governments and stay in compliance as the rules keep changing.

    InfoPreserve's comprehensive system will help you stay in balance and keep tracking of every document, by making them searchable in seconds. Because self-audits are easy to complete, you will have the knowledge that you are ready.

    Learn more about Corporate Compliance

    Human Resources Manager:

    A major concern facing human resources leaders at enterprise organizations is managing content and records in a consistent and repeatable manner. It’s simply difficult to manage I-9s, the onboarding process for new employees, termination records for those who are no longer with the company, and benefits using disparate systems.

    Finding the proper employee can be costly, slow and incredibly inconvenient too. Use the InfoPreserve’s system to sort your resumes and save time, as everything you upload is instantly searchable. While looking for a few key talents in your next hire, you will be able to find those resumes in seconds, not days, and if you place an ad online, upload them all and then search for what you need. The people with the key skill you are looking for are lined up and ready for your review. How easy is that!!

    Learn more about Human Resources

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