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    Media Services

    InfoPreserve is often asked to work with industry standard media. Laws or industry standards can sometime require other ways of storing or transferring information.

    We are here to work with you and help you be compliant with your regulations while still taking advantage of all our service has to offer.

    “Did you know some government records are still legally required to be stored on microfilm? We can help you stay compliant.”

    Once you’ve moved your documents to the InfoPreserve cloud for easy access, we can quickly and easily output them to acceptable media output for storage, such as:

    • Microfilm
    • CDs
    • DVDs
    • Optical Preservation

    This way you meet the government mandate, but gain all of the advantages of immediate online access and long-term preservation protection.

    Most writable CD and DVD media does not provide a viable alternative for preservation because of its short 5 to 7 year lifespan. Should your industry require use of this media, InfoPreserve can also output your documents and information to special optical preservation media with a 100-300 year life.

    Give us a call today (585-542-4177) and talk to one of our experts.