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    RapidScale, Inc. Announces a Partnership with InfoPreserve in Order to Expand its Business Apps as a Service Platform

    RapidScale, Inc., a Cloud Computing Company, introduces another strategic partner in business solutions.

    Irvine, CA (PRWEB) February 26, 2013 RapidScale, Inc. (RapidScale) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Randy Jeter sees the opportunity to expand its service offering into Business Apps as a Service “CloudApps,” and believes the market shift will soon focus more on the apps then the compute. It is the business apps that run a business and compute is a function of that. To Mr. Jeter, the end user is about application performance, business flow and employee productivity. With what Apple has done for the personal user with apps Mr. Jeter is set out to do for the business user.

    Mr. Jeter has set his sights on partnering with the best up and coming, and well-known business app companies in the US. Mr. Jeter is confident in the business application and the leadership at InforPreserve as the CEO of InfoPreserve was the former CMO and SVP of PAETEC Communications, Inc. where Mr. Jeter spent seven years. Mr. Jeter sees InfoPreserve as one of those “Next Generation Document and Content Management Applications” that change the way businesses manage documents. In addition to that, Mr. Jeter sees the increased revenue opportunity for their partners, Telecommunications Companies, Managed Service Providers (MSP’s), Value Added Resellers (VAR’s), Master Agents and Agents as crucial to the integration of cloud services and carrier services.

    InfoPreserve is a leading Software as a Service provider in the document and content management arena with a strong focus on file management, file sharing and collaboration wrapped around support for mobile
    devices and strong reporting for audit and compliance for businesses of all sizes. Our software is simple, secure and includes a robust search engine to find documents anytime and anywhere instantly. We support over 140 different file formats which allow us to capture, retrieve, export or archive digital assets in seconds.

    "We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work with an excellent organization like RapidScale to offer our suite of services to complement their portfolio. This is a perfect strategic relationship that allows us to leverage our core software with an outstanding team of season executives to bring powerful solutions to enterprise customers,” according to John Chapman, CEO of InfoPreserve.

    About InfoPreserve
    InfoPreserve is a leading supplier of Intelligent Document Management cloud solutions based in Rochester, New York. The innovative service offers management of digital files with a primary focus on securing, managing, and retrieving unstructured data such as documents and email. With no upfront costs and easy scalability, we solve the most critical needs first, generating quick ROI from increased productivity and provide a framework for regulatory compliance & liability risk mitigation. For more information, visit

    About RapidScale
    Headquartered in Southern California, RapidScale is a leading cloud computing service provider nationwide.
    RapidScale is pioneering the integration of Cloud Computing and Business Apps as a Service, which enables
    companies to simplify IT operations, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs without changing the way they do business. RapidScale offers business freedom; your apps go where you are on any device, we are the “Next Generation Computer.” For more information, visit

    Media Contact
    John Chapman
    (585) 542-4181