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    InfoPreserve Innovative Document Management Software Launches Active Cloud Archive™

    Enhanced Active Archive Features save time and money while protecting your digital assets

    ROCHESTER, N.Y. – March 26th, 2013 - InfoPreserve, Inc., a leading supplier of intelligent document storage and Cloud management solutions, today announced that Active Cloud Archive™ is an additional feature available as part of InfoPreserve’s core platform.

    With our powerful Active Cloud Archive capabilities, InfoPreserve allows companies to leverage their digital files not just today but well into the future.  Active Cloud Archive™ offers companies the ability for anyone in their organization to manage and access critical files and documents for their entire life instantly from their account.

    Everyday network drives are packed to their limits and IT professionals are looking for ways to free up space. They don't dare delete any files; instead they move the oldest documents and files to tape backups and CDs.  That may create a false sense of security - the documents are backed up, but not truly archived or preserved.  The reality is that finding something on a backup is like finding a needle in a haystack – and finding it is very time consuming and expensive.

    For example, if the legal department in a company was searching for information about a patent or documents involving a real estate transaction they may ask the IT department to search through tapes and CD's for all of the files containing that information. This could take days depending on the depth of that search.  If the content of the files needs to be searched in order to find the information, this will require much more time and expense. Even if they do find and recover the documents that were saved years ago, they may be in a proprietary format for which you no longer have the software to access it, so in the end you still cannot read or use that document. If the legal department used InfoPreserve with Active Cloud ArchiveTM, they could search and find the information themselves in seconds. 

    By moving these files to the InfoPreserve Cloud, you can now have full capability to manage and access these files, but only for as long as you need them.  You can still instantly search and find any document based on its content.  Plus with full retention management you also know when you no longer need to keep a document.  This provides you with the ability to quickly and efficiently respond to regulatory requests or legal discovery actions as well as being able to utilize the digital assets that have already been created by someone in your business.  This is InfoPreserve’s Active Cloud Archive™. Unique, efficient and safe you will always be able to access information that has been stored for years in seconds and all from your desktop.

    “This is a key area for us as our customers and partners are looking for these types of features at the right cost structure. We believe that offering Active Cloud Archiving as a feature to content types, retention management, e-discovery, advanced search, exporting and content indexing is essential for managing data. We integrate these features with strong repository management and common policy and access management controls, so customers feel secure with their data,” John Chapman, CEO of InfoPreserve.

    More information, including information on a demo or free trial, is available at

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