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    InfoPreserve and Google Drive

    InfoPreserve and Google Drive

    InfoPreserve supports Google Drive for true Collaboration

    ROCHESTER, N.Y. – July 11th, 2013 - InfoPreserve, Inc., a leading supplier of Intelligent Document Management Cloud solutions based in Rochester New York, today announced the completion of their support of Google Drive. The level of integration involves two key elements which are the ability to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings and the ability to edit these types of files already in our system using the Google Drive editor from within the InfoPreserve platform.

    This enhanced level of integration further expands our capabilities to increase simplicity for file management and file sharing in a seamless and secure environment which allows customers to leverage their digital assets. This provides customers with additional features to quickly edit documents even if they don’t have the software to open them, search content, share information and preserve and archive their digital assets all in a single application across the enterprise.

    “Our customers and partners have been looking for this type of solution to enhance their document and content management needs across the enterprise in a secure environment. With InfoPreserve we have outstanding collaboration with all the right levels of access controls and permissions”, said John Chapman, CEO of InfoPreserve.  “We continue to invest in our software based on the voice of the customers in the areas of forensic searching, mobility, archiving, data analytics and compliance in the spirit of simplicity with a high degree of security via our private cloud. This allows us to address scanned documents, digital assets as well as emails (including attachments) all from a single application that can grow with our customers”. Our solution is one more step in true collaboration. The InfoPreserve system allows many types of formats to work together offering a continuous flow of work and ideas. Storing and managing your documents on our private cloud is not only easy but it makes the workflow between formats effortless.

    InfoPreserve is Searchable, Secure and Simple.  More information, including information on a demo or free trial of InfoPreserve’s solution, is available at

    About InfoPreserve InfoPreserve is a leading supplier of Intelligent Document Management Cloud solutions based in Rochester, New York. InfoPreserve is a simple and easy to use Private Cloud Content and Records Management solution that automatically makes a company’s documents, business emails, and scanned records instantly shareable and searchable across the enterprise. Our secure, privacy-controlled repository gives companies full control of their digital information. Our solution set enables file sharing and collaboration coupled with archiving and preservation wrapped around feature rich controls and reporting designed for businesses. For more information, visit