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    Wesley Gardens renews agreement with InfoPreserve.

    Wesley Gardens renews agreement with InfoPreserve.

    Wesley Gardens manages all their critical records in the InfoPreseve Cloud!

    ROCHESTER, N.Y. – July 22nd, 2013 - InfoPreserve, Inc., a leading supplier of Intelligent Document Management Cloud solutions based in Rochester New York , recently announced the renewal of their agreement with one of Rochester’s premier rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities, Wesley Gardens to utilize InfoPreserve’s Active Cloud Archive™ capabilities. Initially, Wesley Gardens used InfoPreserve to secure, manage, and archive their legacy Health Information Management (HIM) records.  Historically, searching and finding information that is archived is difficult and costly in terms of time and expense – especially when most of it is paper-based.  By utilizing InfoPreserve’s Active Cloud Archive™, the archived information is located in seconds using our forensic search.

    “We are pleased to have one of Rochester’s premier rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities as a client,” said John Chapman, CEO of InfoPreserve.  “Wesley Gardens is a perfect example of how our customers start by addressing their biggest need and then expand the solution in other areas of the business.  With our platform, all information uploaded to the InfoPreserve Cloud automatically benefits from our Active Cloud Archive™ features which allow Wesley Gardens to instantly search and retrieve archived information.”  The system locates documents based on their content, not just their title.  InfoPreserve’s private Cloud web-based solution, allows anyone needing key documents to search from anywhere using laptops, smartphones, or tablets.  We offer an extremely powerful and easy to use document management tool with outstanding security and control features all based in a Private cloud.

    “Before InfoPreserve, a lot of valuable floor space was occupied by boxes and cabinets containing medical records,” states Marsha Toombs, Records Manager for Wesley Gardens.  “We have methodically scanned the most critical health information records into InfoPreserve, allowing us to shred these records and return the space to other useful purposes.”  Since the initial implementation, Wesley Gardens has expanded their use of InfoPreserve’s platform to include financial and employee records such as W-2’s for the organization.  They will soon export health records to InfoPreserve from another legacy system that is currently being maintained just so the old records can be accessed.  Wesley is also looking to use InfoPreserve to replace their antiquated tape backup system, instead archiving the information to InfoPreserve.  InfoPreserve’s Active Cloud Archive™ enables Wesley to secure, manage, and retrieve critical records from across their entire organization.  InfoPreserve allows Wesley to economically secure, manage, and retrieve these records for as long as they are needed.

    InfoPreserve is Searchable, Secure and Simple.  More information, including information on a demo or free trial of InfoPreserve’s solution, is available at

    About InfoPreserve

    InfoPreserve is a leading supplier of Intelligent Document Management Cloud solutions based in Rochester, New York. InfoPreserve is a simple and easy to use Private Cloud Content and Records Management solution that automatically makes a company’s documents, business emails, and scanned records instantly shareable and searchable across the enterprise. Our secure, privacy-controlled repository gives companies full control of their digital information. Our solution set enables file sharing and collaboration coupled with archiving and preservation wrapped around feature rich controls and reporting designed for businesses. For more information, visit

    About Wesley Gardens

    Wesley Gardens is a non-profit nursing home dedicated to long-term care, short-term rehabilitation, respite and hospice care. Wesley Gardens and its corporate affiliates exist to meet the diverse needs of the marketplace through long term health care and rehabilitation services. We are committed to providing quality service at competitive prices while responding to the changing needs and preferences of individuals and their families. Our commitment combines the ingredients of hospitality and compassion, with program excellence and fiscal integrity.