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    Partner Programs

    InfoPreserve provides the highest degree of sales and customer support to help our partners seamlessly integrate our platform into their workflow.

    Our Channel partners work with customers from every industry. They know their customers and are on the frontlines everyday helping them with services they need.

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    Referral Endorsers and Agents

    Our referral endorser and agent programs include a feature rich commission plan.

    We wrapped these programs around a suite of marketing programs that include sales training, joint sales calls, co-sponsored educational webinars, electronic email campaigns, customer incentives and an array of marketing materials.

    Strategic Alliances

    Our strategic alliance program is designed for partners that are looking to develop special OEM and license agreements.

    These align to key industry verticals and corresponding adjacent software that drives an integrated end to end solution to customers.

    We have created two new alliances to further help our customers which include and IBM. We will continue to develop API's and interfaces with our major partners to allow their users to take full advantage of our platform.

    We are here to help you service your customers better.

    Marketing Help, let’s get started!

    We have the tools you need to make the process seamless. We offer a wealth of information to help jumpstart the sales process, including training and webinar support. Our professional marketing staff is here to make sure you have the right tools to make you successful.

    Our Partner Kit Includes:

    • Power points
    • Case studies
    • Industry targeted sales collaterals
    • White papers
    • Email blast samples
    • Press releases
    • Video demos

    Industries we partner with:

    We work well with industries that service information storage and service needs of small to midsized business. Our products integrate well with their business models and let us offer their customer a service that helps them be more competitive and save money. We all win!

    • Document scanning and OCR services ( Optical Character recognition)
    • Managed service providers
    • Record storage servicers / shredding services
    • Software resellers
    • IT network and security service companies
    • Internet and VOIP phone providers
    • HR management servicers
    • Payroll and compliance services
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