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    PreservationVault Personal

    Your Personal, Powerful, Simple and Secure way to store your documents in the Clouds!

    A major concern facing most people is, "What do I do with my data, files, and records?"

    "I have files and documents that are important to me. I know people who had computers crash and lost everything! What if something happens to my computer or my house, or what if I am out of town and I need important information? I forget to back up all the time...what if I lose my laptop? How do I recover my data?"

    These are some of the most common thoughts that people have, and if you know nothing about computers, Clouds, or storage, it is hard to discern which solutions are good and which are bad.

    Usually, you don't realize that you need an intutitive Cloud storage system until it's too late.

    The Easy Tool That Keeps All of Your Personal Records and Data Safe

    Data is your most important personal asset, but many times your files are not secure because they are stored all over your house on different desktops, drives and CDs.

    Move them to the Cloud.

    In InfoPreserves's storage Cloud, you will have all your data organized in one safe place where you have 24/7 access wherever there is an internet connection. There is no need for any special devices, software to install on your computer, or time-consuming updates.

    InfoPreserve takes care of all of that for you. All you have to do it use one of the easiest and safest Cloud-based systems ever designed.

    The Easy Search Tool For Finding Everything

    We help you save so much time and labor with the ability to find anything, even if you don't remember a file's name. Our advanced search lets you find anything and will find it instantly.

    Why waste time, when you need a deed, passport, or tax records? Just search, and find your data in seconds. You can even search from your smartphone or tablet!

    A Tool For Record Keeping and Collaboration

    PreservationVault Personal  allows you to manage your data and keep everything secure in a private Cloud. There is no need for an expensive server or for you to be a computer wiz - it's easy!

    We offer:

    • Automatic uploading
    • Outstanding security
    • Ability to share documents, videos, and pictures with family and friends on their laptops, smartphones or tablets
    • Ability to securely share documents with your attorney, accountant, or financial planner

    Do you travel? Now you can have all your

    • Health records
    • Insurance information
    • Passport

    and so much more ready for you to access anywhere in the world.

    This service is ideal for caregivers and family watching over an elderly family member.

    Sharing information with a child away at school is easy because all your financial records are instantly retrievable in our secure and private Cloud.

    Keep your family memories safe - store your home movies, photos, and music collection in our private Cloud.

    Do you have multiple residences? Keep your records handy and ready for when you need them. All of your insurance information, property and tax records are instantly accessible.

    Backup and store all of your documents. Your personal data is safe in our private Cloud

    Advantages to Storing Your Information in the Cloud With PreservationVault Personal 

    The PreservationVault Personal  Solution

    • Upload documents quickly and efficiently for file sharing and storage
    • Automatic upload - your files are uploaded even when you forget to
    • Search and retrieve documents with a single view. It's so easy to find and manage your digital assets
    • Exceptional viewing and upload controls make it easy to collaborate, but strict controls keep data safe
    • Preserving, integrating and exporting documents is easy
    • SaaS - we take care of everything for you for a small monthly fee
    • Works with all Mobile Devices. Who sits at a desktop all day long? PreservationVault Personal  will let you have your files in your pocket
    • Setup Wizard makes the process easy to install, you will be up and running in about 15 minutes


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