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    PreservationVault SMB

    Powerful, Seamless, Simple and Secure - Designed For Today's Business Pace

    Today, owners of a small businesses must wear many hats. One hat is more important than the rest: managing their digital assets.

    InfoPreserve understands your digital files are valuable, strategic assets of your business. They are the lifeblood of work flow, record keeping and communication between employees, vendors and subcontractors. Your files, your propriety information, must be part of a constant work flow.

    A file management system is needed that allows for seamless file sharing and collaboration between your employees, suppliers and vendors.

    A Key Business Tool For Keeping Your Data Safe

    Data is your most important asset, but most companies' records are not secure and are stored on desktops, drives and CDs all over the office. Your business is at constant risk of losing files, decreased productivity from looking for files, or facing fines you may have for being non-compliant. Huge fines could cripple or close you down.


    Store your records in a private Cloud. Our data centers are located in safety of the USA, so you know your data is protected. We offer automatic uploads, so your staffs' files will be backed up - even if they forget. As the administrator, you will be able to track what your employees do and share. We offer an easy-to-use dashboard to help you understand the usage and your stored files.

    A Key Business Tool For Finding Everything

    Searchability allows you to save time and labor with the ability to find anything, even if you don't know a file's name. Our forensic search lets you find anything and will find it instantly, reducing the time needed for searching. Think of how productive you and your staff can be if everything you need is found in an instant.

    A Key Business Tool For Record Keeping and Collaboration

    PreservationVault SMB  is an information storage system that allows you to manage your data, while keeping everything secure in a private Cloud. There is no need for an expensive server, extra staff, costly licenses, or being a tech geek - it's easy!

    We offer automatic uploading, outstanding security, and the ability for your staff to collaborate on their laptops, smartphones or tablets. You can work from any place that has an internet connection. For an independent business owner that is important.

    Today, especially for independent business owners, work is not just at the office - everyone works off-site, at home, on the road, at a customers' location, and even a coffee shop.


    You now have a powerful tool that lets you work seamlessly anywhere, anytime.

    Everyday Tasks Are Easy With Preservationvault SMB 

    • Back-up and store all of your documents - your business data is safe in our private Cloud
    • Back-up all of your emails and their content
      • Store all of your HR records and perform self audits to insure you are compliant
      • Upload all of your incoming resumes, search for the key skills, and find the candidate in seconds
      • Keep all of your important legal records safe and backed-up - find any document in seconds
      • Keep all of your inspections, certifications, and training records ready for inspection
      • Ready to use 24/7 with updates and maintenance is handled by InfoPreserve
      • Keep sales materials, manuals, and collateral ready and in one place
      • Lower your IT cost, increase productivity, and make document storage simple and secure
    • Daily advantages to your business:
      • Improve effectiveness of your staff
      • Scan and upload your own paper documents to make them instantly searchable
      • Save time and reduce costs
      • Protect your bottom line and avoid costly fines with self-audits
      • Keep in compliance with your record-keeping
      • Improve collaboration in your office
      • Work from anywhere you have the internet - remote offices, tablets, smartphones, with customers and subcontractors
      • Preserve information for the long term
      • Supports up to 20 users

    Advantages to storing your information in the clouds with PreservationVault SMB 

    • Uploading digital assets and documents quickly and efficiently for file sharing and storage
    • Automatic - Your files will upload even when you forget
    • Searching and retrieving documents with a single view – it's so easy to find and manage your digital assets
    • Exceptional viewing and upload controls. Easy to collaborate, but strict controls keep data safe
    • Preserving, integrating and exporting documents
    • SaaS - No servers or staff just a small monthly fee
    • Works with all mobile devices: Who sits in the office? You don't. Preservationvault SMB lets you keep your office in your pocket
    • New Setup Wizard makes the process easy to install, you and your staff will be up and running in about 30 minutes and using the system that day


    Sign up and start protecting your valuable business documents and assets today.

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