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    Document Reporting

    We offer several layers of document reporting, including text and graphics, that show the history of any document down to the IP address.

    Administrators appreciate our ability to run document reports tracking the smallest detail. Businesses need the best current information, and having the ability to find that information quickly is a true business advantage.

    It's Easy to Use

    You can look at the history of a document:

    • who viewed it
    • who used it
    • or who should have downloaded it but did not

    You can run document reports on

    • departments
    • operations
    • users
    • or groups using our powerful, yet easy to use solution.

    New dashboard features help make the document reporting system clear and easy to use because it is presented in a format that shows you what you need to know at a glance.

    Many businesses look for the ability to store online, export, or integrate into other applications.

    InfoPreserve provides the tools to preserve, export digital assets, or integrate into other systems via API’s