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    Services Overview

    InfoPreserve and our reseller partners will work with you to make it as simple and easy as possible to move your current information into the InfoPreserve private cloud.

    We offer multiple options that are fast and cost effective; training does not require an all day class, we can have you up and running that morning. We believe the sooner your staff is trained and using the system the faster you will see ROI.

    Depending on your needs, we offer the following services to make the process smooth and seamless.

    Kickoff Training – Let’s get the process started!

    InfoPreserve helps you to plan and launch your team’s transition to a new process for document management.

    InfoPreserve can easily be configured to fit your industry and internal workflows, and initial users are up and running with one short training session. It’s all designed for non-technical users with you in control!

    Learn more about Kickoff Training

    Project Management and Staff Augmentation

    Your transition to the InfoPreserve private cloud can begin with one or two people and a small set of documents, or you may choose to bring an entire department online at once.

    We can adjust to any business size and grow as you need service. If your busy staff needs setup assistance, we can provide experienced project managers and/or clerical help to supplement your in-house resources.

    Learn more about Project Management and Staff Augmentation

    Records Management Assessment

    While most companies recognize the need to maintain certain records in order to meet government mandates, few have had done it or even know where to start. In today’s business climate it crucial that your greatest asset, your records, are fully managed, protected, and instantly searchable too.

    Records retention management is a comprehensive process and you need a system that is robust and easy to use. InfoPreserve will work with you to evaluate your current practices and look for opportunities for improvement.

    We can help you craft and design document retention policies based on applicable legal requirements & business needs, and together create a plan for moving to a proactive records management process.

    Learn more about Records Management Assessment

    Scanning Services

    For customers with existing documents stored on paper, we can scan and upload your documents to the InfoPreserve cloud, using OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) which enables the content to be indexed for rapid retrieval.

    Remember files or photos of a document will be OCR open upload, making it searchable instantly. Your paper documents will then be digitally stored in our system, fully searchable and preserved for the long term.

    Customers may choose an annual scanning subscription, or elect to do a one-time project. We can bulk upload your documents into our preservation vault for easy access and retrievable of these digital assets.

    Learn more about Scanning Services

    Document Categorization

    Do you have boxes and boxes of paper but aren’t sure which document you really need to keep?

    InfoPreserve and our partners will scan your paper documents and categorize them based on the criteria you provide. You can then use those criteria to tag groups of documents and to set retention time frames.

    Learn more about Document Categorization

    Media Services

    Some government records are still legally required to be stored on microfilm.

    Once you’ve moved your documents to the InfoPreserve cloud for easy access, we can quickly and easily output them to microfilm for storage. This way you meet the government mandate, but gain all of the advantages of immediate online access and long-term preservation protection.

    Most writable CD and DVD media does not provide a viable alternative for preservation with a life span of only 5 to 7 years. Should your industry require use of this media, InfoPreserve can also output your documents and information to special optical preservation media with a 100-300 year life.

    Learn more about Media Services

    Other InfoPreserve Services

    No cookie cutter solutions, we like unique!

    Contact our Sales and Customer Service professionals at to learn more about services targeted to your business needs.

    We will work with you to address your unique challenges and have the knowledge to make your Preservation experience both seamless and cost effective.

    This is the most powerful tool you will ever need to quickly search documents and emails in a secure environment that is simple to use every day, anywhere- We are Simple, Safe and Secure.

    Give us a call today (585-542-4177) and talk to one of our experts.