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    Document Shreading

    Upload your critical documents to InfoPreserve's private cloud and shred all of that unnecessary paper!

    Many companies would love to shred all of their older documents but local, state and federal, and international regulations prohibit this action.

    The physical space and carrying costs that these documents occupy add up, and in today’s competitive business climate, companies need to trim costs where they can.

    Preserving Your Documents While Saving Space

    InfoPreserve offers a document shredding service that shreds documents securely after they have been stored digitally on a our private cloud. The process of secure file shredding while still following regulations is simple:

    • InfoPreserve scans your documents.
    • Your documents are uploaded to the InfoPreserve private cloud.
    • Your document is marked with a digital signature proving the document has not been modified since the date it was uploaded.
    • Your documents are shredded on-site or off-site (after they are stored digitally).*

    Now you can shred in confidence and shed the added cost and burden of keeping paper around for years!

    *Shredding sensitive information is a secure measure and usually mandated.

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