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    File Storage

    What is File Storage? Depending on who you talk to it can be a very different story.

    Record storage once meant putting all of your important files in boxes and safely storing them in a back room or an offsite data storage building.

    Then, IT professionals worked hard to convince all of their employees to backup files on their server. This solution, though better than just keeping paper backups, was still just as risky. If you did not backup the server correctly, you could have massive data loss.

    Soon the age of online backup was born, but it still had its challenges. You could store documents, but managing and searching for them remained costly and difficult.

    Fully Cloud-Based Solution

    How about a fully cloud-based solution hosted on a private cloud?

    InfoPreserve is a true cloud content management and online storage solution.

    Our private U.S.-based offsite data storage centers protect your data from cloud sprawl and the risks of losing your data at an unknown data center. We offer full security controls and excellent collaboration, even with tablets and Smartphones. We feature an expansive reporting and security dashboard with access controls that will fully protect your digital assets.

    So if you are looking for the best Cloud-Based Content Management and Online Storage System that is designed to keep your data safe and secure, but is also easy to use, search, and collaborate, look no further.

    InfoPreserve is the answer.

    InfoPreserve stores all of your data in our safe and secure Private Cloud.
    Our offsite data storage center features state-of-the-art security and we only use centers in the safety of North America.
    We store your digital files using a retention schedule and provide a very fast retrieval of any stored file, large or small.

    Stored in Top Tier Type II Data Center

    Your data is hosted at a full-service, top-tier SSAE16 Type II Data Center comprising:

    • Four levels of physical security
    • 50+ IP video surveillance cameras
    • Biometric access controls
    • Self-contained, single story, building with hardened perimeter
    • Infrastructure engineered to 99.999% availability
    • Multiple fire suppression methods
    • Failover systems including generators than can run the facility indefinitely should the power grid be down
    • Multiple Internet provider pipes for high availability.
    Give us a call today (585-542-4177) and talk to one of our experts.