What if your employees could find critical business information in seconds?  We work with companies to reduce the amount of time everyone spends looking for documents and records by up to 8 hours a week.

Don’t have the time or resources to transition your information from where it is now to where you want to be?  With our knowledge and expertise in document and records management, we can facilitate the process and minimize your time.

“We selected InfoPreserve’s PreservationVault to host our digitized files and to help us develop a database interface that is suitable for effectively searching New York regulatory history.”

– University at Buffalo

More Than Just an Online Storage & Backup System:

Easily Manage Your Critical Business Records

InfoPreserve’s PreservationVault is an intelligent cloud-based repository and management system that features online collaborations and forensic search capabilities with security and access controls second to none. Our services allow you to leverage valuable business assets with the most full-featured cloud solution available today and remedy document disorganization that may be holding your business back!

Features of PreservationVault

Our intelligent document management service allows you to leverage your digital files with the most full-featured cloud solution available today.

  • Uploading Files is easy. Two simple clicks. No “drag and drop,” no searching through layers of folders. See how simple we’ve made it!
  • Instantly find the documents you need with PreservationVault’s intuitive search functionality. The contents of any document are immediately scanned and indexed when uploaded!
  • Collaborate with workplace team members to ensure your critical documents and files are comprehensively organized. Succinct, thorough records of who uploaded or edited any particular document, and when!
  • Secure, manage and control your vital company information, for as long as needed. Specify and set your external and internal user permissions!

Your Business is a Candidate for PreservationVault!

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Benefits of PreservationVault

InfoPreserve’s PreservationVault allows companies to manage their important documents and records – their digital assets – in a way that’s never been available before. Click each blurb to learn more, and be sure to check out helpful information on our FAQ page.


Crucial documents in ONE repository. No goose chases through individual PCs or drives to find what you need.


PreservationVault keeps your documents safe – right down to permission levels tailored to your company’s hierarchy!


Capabilities developed to accommodate HOW people search in addition to WHAT they are searching for.

Audit Trails

Track who edited, moved, modified or deleted what document, and when.

PreservationVault Syncs Seamlessly with Microsoft Office Programs

“A group of law librarians from the Western NY region banded together to digitize and make available NY regulatory history from 1945-2001.

We shopped for vendors and, looking back, InfoPreserve was the right choice for this project from day one. We selected InfoPreserve’s PreservationVault to host our digitized files and to help us develop a database interface that is suitable for effectively searching New York regulatory history.

We have a sustained relationship with this company because they listen to our needs and they provide excellent support. If your looking for reliable data hosting or expert database development/hosting services with a personal touch, this is the company for you.

On behalf of the collaborators, we are proud of this partnership and proud of the finished product: View the NYCRR Archive here.”

– Beth Adelman
Interim Vice Provost for University Libraries, University of Buffalo

“We were looking for an Online Storage and Backup System for our critical business records as our existing system was failing when we found InfoPreserve.

They took the time to understand who we are as a company and gave us a few amazing solutions to choose from.Within one month, InfoPreserve had all our critical business records scanned and backed up on a system that is fully automated for us. It runs flawlessly. We wholeheartedly recommend InfoPreserve to everyone we know.”

Richard Grigalunas
IT Administrator, ES Components

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