Access Level Controls

PresevationVault Puts YOU In Control

While documents are immediately available in PreservationVault for sharing and collaboration across your entire enterprise, access controls are designed to ensure that documents are visible only to those who are authorized to see them.

InfoPreserve’s record management system lets you control over which users can view each document or group of documents.

Don’t Risk Business Data On “Free Drives”

“Free” still has a cost, and when you upload critical business data onto complimentary use online drives, you leave this data susceptible to not only external breaches, but disorganized or unauthorized editing from your own workforce. Don’t run the risk of having the documents and records important to you fall into the hands of someone who lacks the clearance to access them – regardless of their intent!

You Create the Rules

InfoPreserve let you create rules that determine which users can access and share enterprise content. This control or permission can be set up to allow access to only part of the system or by department, group, or even by the entire company.

Businesses need to control the access and flow of information according to the specific documents, persons, or departments in a balanced manner. That has been an impossible task until now.

With our permissions-based system, you can control the flow of information as well as its security.

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