Audit Trails

Track Every Move

Today more than ever you need to track every business move you make and fully document each action.

Having the ability to audit your process (and your documents) is a big step towards becoming fully compliant.

Risk mangers know the benefits of understanding who has accessed specific documents and knowing when they were viewed.

InfoPreserve’s file and audit controls deliver comprehensive reporting on documents and user activity.

Collaborative Audit Trails

Your business needs to collaborate and work with outside vendors as well as with departments inside your own organization. Tracking documents and seeing who viewed what and when is important.

Managers are able to run employee reports to confirm they are using the correct resources and when they actually did their research.

Our document audit trails are a powerful tool for getting a snap shot of your staffs work flow and individual employees productivity.


We offer several layers of dashboard analytics reports (text and graphics) that shows the history of any document (down to the IP address).

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