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Many mangers worry that if they move all of their records from paper to digital they will not be able to prove what is an original and what has been altered.

How can they prove a digital file is the original and has not been modified?

In today’s world of constant auditing from the government and the risk of litigation, knowing that you have all of your documents in order is very important – especially when the originals are requested.

How Does InfoPreserve Solve This Issue?

We offer file authentication where automatic digital signatures are generated for every document that is uploaded, so you can prove the file has not been modified since it was uploaded.

The digital signatures stay with the document. If a document is modified, the system will automatically create a new digital signature and associate it with the updated version.

You Always Have The Authentic Original Document

You will always be able to prove that a document has not been modified since it was uploaded.

Content Authentication

Our technology enables us to authenticate the content of a digital file years after it has been entrusted to our cloud platform.

You can prove that files have not been altered since a stated date and time.

You will always be secure in the knowledge that you can prove the origin of everything in your system.


We follow the highest international standards for both authentication and document archival, you can feel safe and secure with InfoPreserve.

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