Benefits of PreversationVault’s Online Repository for Your Documents

Companies who adopt and use PreservationVault to migrate, store and manage their critical business records reap the benefits immediately. PreservationVault insures:

Ease of Use and Adoption

InfoPreserve allows companies to manage their important documents and records (their digital assets) in a way that’s never been available before.

*Uploading, sorting, organizing, naming and tracking records in PreservationVault is architected to accommodate human behavior. This interface and functionality affords the quickest and easiest path to achieve your record management goals – short-term and long term.

At any level, within any company position, our customers have remarked on how easy this platform is to use, with their workforce unanimously adopting it as a critical work tool! This repository can be integrated and interfaced with your existing work systems in just a few hours!

*Robust, ultra-intuitive searching means you can find a needed record without a cumbersome “memory jog” of what you – or another employee – titled it. PreservationVault’s indexing capabilities will “crawl” a document to gage keywords and phrases – you can search by those terms as well. If you can do a Google® search, you’ll understand how easy this system is for the non-technical user!


A physical scan of a hard-copy document into PreservationVault can be achieved within seconds, with the platform immediately indexing the record and its contents.

Improved Company Efficiency

For any business, how much revenue you generate is directly impacted by how quickly and easily you can collect, access, and find documents and records. Additionally, failing to timely produce certain documents subject to regulatory compliance may result in fines if you are audited. In the 2020s, many businesses are seeing these “out of sight, out of mind” issues become very clear!

Integration and adoption of PreservationVault for record management ensures an “eagle eye” on the status and state of critical business records, enhances internal collaboration, streamlines and expedites employee onboarding, and obliges most regulatory compliance guidelines regarding document security.

InfoPreserve has helped organizations pivot to complete remote work, a hybrid work environment, or just looking to minimize paper clutter. YOUR business is likely a candidate for our revolutionary document management platform.


A Day Lost To “Search”

Did you know a company team member – from upper management down – exhausts almost 9 and a half hours simply SEARCHING for documentation and files to perform their jobs? That’s a whole work day squandered, and requires a solution!

Read more in this case study from the McKinsey Institute regarding disorganized searching for records and how it is a “thief of the worker’s time.”

Robust Internal and External Security

Big-name “free” online file-sharing platforms may pledge to be secure (and that your intellectual property will remain yours) but – this is not a guarantee (nothing “free” can be that good to be true, no matter the company making the promise!) 

Additionally, while a “free to use” online drive may be suitable for “work in progress” documents, permanent records that cannot be modified pose a security and compliance risk when stored in free online repositories. There’s nothing to stop anyone – internally within your own organization or outside your organization – to make an unauthorized change to the document!

PreservationVault keeps all your critical documents safe in our private cloud in our Tier 4 Class 1 datacenter with access controls, retention management and deletion protection. Your data will be kept for as long as its needed.

PreservationVault’s internal security controls include robust user access permissions that can be customized and set to your requirements. Be it on the department or individual worker level, “Who can see and edit what” will be in your complete control. There is a thorough audit and log of EVERY action taken in the platform, with “user changes” documented right down to I.P. address!



Eliminate siloing of information – centralize all your critical business information.


Reduce the time each employee spends looking for information by up to 8 hours per week.

Save Emails

Quickly locate not only emails but attachments to those emails.

Access Level Controls

Manage user access – Control access to information by user.

Audit Trails

Track & monitor every action of every user.


Easily keep only what you need for as long as you need it!


Digital copies of paper files now have the same legal standing as the original. Our technology allows the content of a digital file to be authenticated so you can prove files have not been altered.

SaaS Model

Get anytime, anywhere access and reduce the need to network storage.

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