The Best Digital Organization System for Human Resource Documents

A major concern facing human resources most organizations is staying in compliance with ever changing regulations and managing records and content in a consistent and repeatable manner.

From I9’s to benefit packages to termination files as a professional you are required to not only store and manage every form, file, and email (perhaps those from previous years as well) but you have to find them quickly. Maybe for more than one location.

If you can’t produce the date, the fines can be huge and a threat to your business.

“Compliance” is Paramount – What’s the solution?

InfoPreserve’s PreservationVault eliminates the cumbersome, hyper-granular “tree” sub-categorizing of file organization, allowing HR personnel to “slice and dice” in different directions to store and retrieve necessary documentation.

 Additionally, customized document tagging and filtering means you have the most up-to-date inventory of “which employees have signed which documents” right at your finger tips.

It Starts with a Complimentary Records Assessment

Most businesses who lack a committed, centralized digital inventory of their critical work documents are a candidate for PreservationVault. Let’s start, however, with an initial assessment. At no cost, we’ll audit the initial state of your hardcopy paper records and make recommendations based what requires immediate priority, and what needs to get organized!

The InfoPreserve Solution

That’s why InfoPreserve has designed an intelligent document management solution that enables:

Uploading digital assets and documents quickly and efficiently for file sharing. All documents, digital files, emails and are scanned and OCRed for searchablity, even in the body of the document.

Searching and retrieving documents with a single view. Showing all digital assets where the key word occurs.

Secure cloud based storage with multiple storage backups and full security protection; restrict access to only key people who need the information and track every document.


Increased productivity:

  • No more wasted hours searching for documents and emails. The whole team can find what they need when they need it!
  • Increase reference and reuse – get more out of the work you’ve already paid to have done because it’s now accessible
  • More effective staff, everything they are looking for is found quickly
  • SaaS – Low costs, no extra service cost or updates

Mandatory Record- Keeping

  • Create easier compliance processes
  • Respond quickly and completely to government requests – avoid large finds by having everything you need to store in one place.
  • Prepare with self-audits
  • Scan vast paper files to be searchable, accessible in a digital format – merge information to one locations
  • You’ll have all the tools you need for document review and discovery.

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