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PreservationVault’s robust features (paired with our customer-centric stewardship) make the platform an ideal fit for businesses in a variety of industries to store, organize and maintain critical business documents and files.

Put Infopreserve to work for you; these companies did:

A Worldwide Seller of Electrical Components Sought a Better Organizational Solution

ES Components, a trusted reseller of electrical components for medical, military and aerospace industries, needed to “modernizing” their existing records processing systems with expedience. InfoPreserve answered the call.

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Reconciling Ineffective Maintence of  HIM Paper Records

A managed healthcare facility providing both short-term and long-term care maintained Health Information Management (HIM) records for all of its patients as paper records. Because most of these records must be maintained for long periods, the facility was running out of space to store the records – even half of the employee break room was occupied with boxes of HIM records.

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Avoiding a $100,000 Fine for Missing Human Resource Records

As a result of the moves and acquisitions, a company’s Human Resource records were in boxes stacked in the HR manager’s office. Attempting to collect and verify the I-90 forms for the company’s workforce, the HR manager was shocked to find I-9 forms for only 40 of their 90 employees, not to mention I-9 forms from former employees that they still had to maintain.

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Medical Billing Company Improves Efficiency Using PreservationVault

A company specializing in medical billing was seeking a solution that would allow them to
take documents submitted by clients – along with their own internal documents – and direct them to the right department. They could not find a solution that would allow the entire organization to search, find, and access the documents as needed, and were running out of physical space to store paper records.

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