Case Study: No Place Left to Store Health Information Management Records

A managed healthcare facility that provided both short-term and long-term care maintained Health Information Management (HIM) records for all of its patients as paper records.

Because most of these records required retainer for long periods, the facility was running out of space to store the records – even half of the employee break room was occupied with boxes of HIM records.

The records were boxed and maintained in chronological order. To find old records employees would search based on when they believed the records were generated. This often led to a lengthy search process for past HIM records, sometimes without success. Since many of the patients return for service multiple times, being able to find their previous HIM records was critical.

The CEO and CFO of the facility realized the process of storing HIM records in boxes at their facility was not going to work for the long term. Sending records to an offsite facility was an option, but neither the cost nor the ability to quickly retrieve the necessary records was desirable. Additionally, since old HIM records were found by searching through multiple boxes to find the correct patient’s record, offsite storage would only be feasible if the contents of each box were manually indexed – a very time-consuming process.

Instead, the CEO and CFO elected to internally scan and upload all of the HIM records over several months. This scanning was completed by a college intern who was able to scan, digitize, and upload the files into InfoPreserve’s Vault. Once all of the files were uploaded, the HIM record’s manager spot checked the uploaded files and determined the records were successfully digitized. As a result all of the paper HIM records have been sent to be shredded and destroyed.

Now, when HIM records are needed, they are found almost immediately by using InfoPreserve’s advanced search capabilities. A lengthy “real world” search through boxes and boxes of paper is no longer required.

All records can be securely retrieved from any computer in the facility. Any new HIM records already in digital format are ingested into the Vault without ever being printed, and new paper records are immediately ingested into the Vault to make them immediately searchable.

With the most critical area of record keeping addressed, the CEO and CFO have initiated projects to organize and ingest both HR records and financial records. Thanks to the flexibility of a SaaS platform, instead of trying to tackle all of their records management issues at once, they continue to implement solutions over time without affecting their day-to-day operations.


Scalability of Cloud-based services allows customers to scale at a pace that works best for their organization. InfoPreserve’s private cloud-based platform offers comprehensive capabilities to manage unstructured data such as scanned digital records as well as digital files, such as documents or email. Our SaaS platform provides an almost immediate ROI from increased productivity and provides an easy-to-use framework for
compliance with government mandated record-keeping, significantly reducing the risk of fines and penalties.

We solve three problems in enterprise content and records management that enable file sharing and collaboration, all wrapped around strong reporting tools for audit and compliance all in a secure private cloud:

• No upfront capital costs – SaaS model grows at your pace.
• Simple implementation with quick ROI.
• Implement to your schedule, addressing your most critical needs first.
• Easy upload – designate any folder as a “watched folder” to automatically upload any files saved to that folder.
• Eliminates lengthy search – find information based on content, meta-data, and user-generated tags.
• Access anytime from anywhere via secure Internet connection
• Designed for business with full access controls and audit trails.
• We provide the highest level of security for your information.
• Comprehensive information lifecycle management.

All wrapped around strong reporting tools for audit and compliance all in a secure private cloud.


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