Updating Records Management Systems – Multiple Areas of the Business Impacted

ES Components is a worlwide electronics parts distributor based in Massachusetts. They were having difficulty modernizing their existing records processing systems.

After consultation, InfoPreserve was able to provide a solution that not only met their immediate need, but positively impacted functions across the company: AP/AR, purchasing, sales, shipping/receiving, engineering and design groups all benefitted.

The PreservationVault runs in the background, seamlessly, and IT Administrator Rick Grigalunas comments that use of PreservationVault has made processes “more efficient and more reliable.”

Conversion Without Business Interruption – Unforecasted Improvements

InfoPreserve was able to convert their systems data over the course of a yearend holiday break. In a week all of ES Components’ systems data was fully integrated into Preservation Vault and ready to access.

Training on the new system was minimal. ES Components found new ways to improve their internal working processes that made data assurance and access easier and more auditable.

PreservationVault Just Works – All The Time!

“We were looking for an Online Storage and Backup System for our critical business records as our existing system was failing when we found InfoPreserve.

They took the time to understand who we are as a company and gave us a few amazing solutions to choose from.

Within one month, InfoPreserve had all our critical business records scanned and backed up on a system that is fully automated for us. It runs flawlessly. We wholeheartedly recommend InfoPreserve to everyone we know.”

Richard Grigalunas, IT Administrator ES Components



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