Collaboration – File Sharing

Supports Workflow

Many systems claim to allow for online collaboration but do they really support the workflow?

You may be able to share a file with others, but is that collaboration?

Uncontrolled file sharing is risky, but restricting the flow of information is also a hindrance. On most systems, collaboration stops when it becomes too difficult to share.

We Promote Collaboration

We enable file sharing solutions within your organization, subcontractors, customers, and suppliers with a high degree of security using “permissions” and retention features.

The InfoPreserve system was designed around the needs of business; control of the information rests with the business, not the individual. We have added safeguards to our file sharing to control who has access to your valuable documents and files. We track each document from the first upload to the end of its life.

In our system, documents collaborate, not just the user.

Easy Workflow

Our file sharing tools which give you the ability to effortlessly share documents throughout your entire organization is extremely beneficial—but having the ability to withhold confidential information is priceless.

Workers are able to work remotely from laptops, tablets, and smartphone accessing their data as if they were in the same place. Information can flow freely, that is if you have permission for the administrator.

Administrators have the ability to control the flow of information between workers, subcontractors, or customers.

InfoPreserve’s permission levels enable you to determine who can:

  • Upload
  • View
  • Download
  • Or delete each file within your company’s account

Our permissions system not only controls the access, but it also protects against accidental or malicious deletion of a business’s critical files.

Our system can be truly integrated into your existing workflow process to create a solution that makes each day more productive. You can access files quickly, search instantly, and share easily. Now that is how business gets done.


Do you know whether:

  • A copy was made
  • “Backed up”
  • Shared with a co-worker
  • Or shared with anyone outside the company?

Most cloud based systems do not track their documents. At that point you lose control of your data and your security.

The InfoPreserve system will track the life of a document from when it was first uploaded, and every time it’s been viewed, downloaded, or changed.

The ability to track the life of every document solves many issues companies face when they start to collaborate with outside firms or even other offices.

Knowing you have control and you have the ability to track every action is important and makes project collaboration easy and seamless.

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