Custom Programming Services

We recognize a mass migration of digital files and documents into our secure online platform is not a simple “Drag and Drop.” Our suite of customized services are tailored to the specifics of your business, where and how your crucial information is presently stored, and what compliance guidelines need to be obliged when storing and maintaining your company documents.

InfoPreserve custom programming includes:

  • Export of documents and data from legacy systems into PreservationVault or
    third party systems
  • Integration with third party systems using API’s
  • Customized UI development for PreservationVault
  • Database migration from legacy databases
  • Customized work process for documents

Transition of Documents from Legacy System

A financial advisory firm had client documents stored in a legacy document repository that was no longer actively supported. Infopreserve performed custom programming to extract the documents and associated data from the legacy system, reformatted the data into a compatible format and then imported the data and documents into the brokerage-supported platform.

Integration with Legal Practice Management System

A large personal injury law firm was using a legacy practice management system that did not have integrated document management. They received hundreds of pieces of physical mail per day, which they were scanning and then emailing to the responsible attorneys and case managers. There was no way of tracking that the documents had been reviewed by the responsible person.

Infopreserve did customer programing for the PreservationVault platform to interact with the existing case management database. A workflow was created so that when documents were scanned they were imported into Preservationvault and could be assigned to the responsible case manager and attorney.

The documents were tracked to show review status. The office administrator could view a dashboard to see the overall picture of review status and drill down by case manager or attorney.

Customized UI

As part of a project to host a significant digitized collection for a law library, Infopreserve customized the PreservationVault UI to meet their requirements. The new UI had a look and feel that was familiar to users of the system.

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