Document Categorization

Keep Your Business Efficient

Do you have boxes of paper but aren’t sure which documents you really need to keep?

We get it. Hard-copy paper documents may be “what your business knows.” A switch to digital record keeping is very much a “change of behavior.”

This change, however, is imperative, as the 2020s will see many businesses – large and small, from all industries – come to a reconciliation that a ‘bloat’ of paper is a waste of money and time.

InfoPreserve Helps You Get Organized and Digitized!

InfoPreserve and our partners will scan your paper documents and categorize them based on the criteria you provide. You can then use that criteria to tag groups of documents and to set retention time frames.

Custom Tags

Customizing how you categorize or tag documents can be critical in key industries. Anytime you need to mark or track a record or group, custom tags can be used to set up a standard for this process.

  • HR may use them to track resumes or what state a candidate resides in.
  • Medical care facilities can use tagging to keep track of patient billing and records.
  • Lawyers could remove a document’s title and replace it with an assigned number, such as the case or file number.

Custom tags are one of the ways that businesses can capture, retrieve and search for information.

Designed to Work

The InfoPreserve system was designed to work with the unique requirements our customers’ industries and businesses present. We make it easy to set up a system that helps keep your business efficient.

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