The Document Storage Solution for Office Managers & Administrators

Organize Documents Online Easily, Comprehensively & Securely

Our proprietary online repository PreservationVault is the office manager’s cloud-based auxiliary “team member!”

Our revolutionary proprietary storage platform provides seamless upload and classification of not only documents and records, but emails as well. Customized retention settings mean you can hang on to digitized document or record for however long your company needs it – nothing auto deleted, ever.

Plus – a robust set of permissions to safeguard against external and internal compromise. The free “big names” like Google Drive and Dropbox can promise optimal security but can’t guarantee it.

Most advantageous is the amount of TIME administrative workers have saved with PreservationVault’s intuitive search and retrieval capabilities, with every document’s content being “indexed” upon uploaded into the vault. Find what you need before even typing an entire word!


“I wish I could do this job without having to keep track of so much paper.”

– Many Office Administrators Infopreserve has connected with

PreservationVault is the Optimal Solution for Easier “Office Management”

Office administrators and team members in clerical or secretary positions are wearing many hats. Their job has them privy to countless records and documents – company policies, procedures, instructions, personnel and equipment inventories, payroll, you name it!

The diligent “admin” also keeps a brain cell on how long business records must be retained, how they must be disposed of, and various applicable compliance guidelines.

Given the sheer amount of “content” businesses turn out daily, a secure online platform is imperative to upload, store and manage business data.

Don’t run the risk of “needed-in-a-second” documents being stored on separate computer drives, buried as email attachments in an email inbox (especially one that’s not yours), or existing as hard-copy paper sealed in a cardboard box. These antiquated storage “strategies” are causing you to “work harder… not smarter.”

Thinking of “Going Paperless?” Looking to Simplify Cumbersome Work Procedures?

Let’s connect! We’d like to take a look at the “ebb and flow” of your document and record creation in your organization; our complimentary audits will avail where your procedures are getting bottle-necked, and if you are an ideal candidate to use PreservationVault (and we’re confident you will be!)

Transition of Documents from Legacy Systems

InfoPreserve’s PreservationVault is not only the ideal storage solution for businesses and organizations inundated with PAPER, but digitized documents in your existing digital legacy storage systems can be transferred over quickly and easily. If your existing system has capabilities to export digitized documents and records, InfoPreserve can facilitate the transfer from your legacy system to PreservationVault. If it exists in a digital format, we can get it into “The Vault!”

Customized UI (User Interface)

We know that “familiarity” in your work regimen is important! InfoPreserve is able to customized the appearance of PreservationVault to gaurantee not only ease of use, but that the “look and feel” mirrors your old legacy system as closely as possible.

No burden nor need to “learn a completely new program” from scratch!

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