Easy Record Uploading

Upload What You Need into PreservationVault with One Simple Click

Sure, “dragging and dropping” or even scouring your computer’s folders may not seem labor-intensive, but that is not how the human mind is hardwired to retrieve and manipulate data.

Accompanying PreservationVault is our patented “Upload Agent” software, available for Windows systems and incredibly easy to install.

With the Upload Agent running in the background, import of a document into PreservationVault is as simple as right-clicking on the file with your cursor. No drag and drop, no searching through layers of folders. The file can even be saved to your desktop. It’s a simple “right-click” on the file, then upload!

In addition, any folder on your PC can be set as a “watch folder” to automatically upload any file placed in it to the PreservationVault.

PreservationVault & Upload Agent for Uploading Emails

Your email sync and storage solution is in sight! Our experience working with companies to “de-clutter” their internal files and records revealed LOTS of business email accounts in similar states of disorganization!

Salvage from your email what is important to your company with a quick and easy integration of the Upload Agent into your Microsoft Outlook. As with a file on your PC, no drag and drop and no additional “Save” to your computer is necessary. Simply right-click, and you’re given the option to upload the email into PreservationVault!

Any email folder created in an Outlook account can be set as a “watch folder” for automatic upload of emails.

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