Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get Answers to Some of the Most Common Questions

How do I know my data is secure in your private cloud?

InfoPreserve has gone to great lengths to create a “private network” with full security and encryption capabilities to protect customer data. We are compliant with SAE 16 requirements as well as 2nd level support with off-site data capabilities.

Can you integrate with 3rd party software and create API's into existing systems and workflows?

We have built a number of API’s which allow us to integrate to 3rd party workflow engines to enable seamless data integration. We also have in development several new integration tools.

How long does an installation take and when can I access my data for file sharing and collaboration?

We have developed several new wizards to help with implementation of our software so it can be configured in 30 minutes or less, which helps with the return on investment. Our software is designed to increase file sharing and collaboration by uploading documents automatically, searching and retrieving digital assets and preserving and exporting data to maximize them for business operations.

How do you support unstructured data and what about my system drives and FTP tools?

Key to our design is the ability to support unstructured data, anywhere and anytime and we support over 140 file formats. We can quickly help customers eliminate the use of system drives and ftp tools with the use of our software (with a focus on leveraging our Watch folders).

How is data preserved in your system and for how long?

The system administrator has the capability to set user permissions (even sub permission filters) as well as retention period for each document and department. Plus, we do not autodelete any document, this is only done by the system administrator (we provide alerts and reminders on retention period).

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