Financial Document Management & Retention

Simple, Efficient and Compliant Storage and Tools to Manage Your Critical Records

The financial industry verticals (credit unions, mortgage processors, regional banks, etc) are looking for simple and efficient tools to help them with collecting, storing, and retrieving documents and forms.

They use the power of InfoPreserve to leverage the cloud based storage and the sharing features to handle the firm’s most valuable and coveted intellectual property.

With the creation of a typical document ranging anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000, reuse and leverage of your key digital assets is a tremendous competitive advantage.

Spending your time directing the implementation and relevant modifications of these assets — not recreating them or looking for them — is the key to profitability and successful projects.

How It Works

The InfoPreserve Solution offers a private cloud based solution housed in the USA that is designed to be Simple, Searchable, and Secure.

Our system is designed for easy workflow, document management, and collaboration between departments, vendors, customers, and anyone else you need to work with. We put the control in your hands.

InfoPreserve has designed an intelligent, secure financial storage solution that enables:

  • Uploading digital assets and documents quickly and efficiently for file sharing.
  • Exceptional viewing and upload controls – easy to collaborate, but strict controls keep data safe.
  • Preserving, integrating, and exporting documents.
  • Use of strict access controls and audit trails within InfoPreserve, which allows firms to store and share vital assets while keeping track of users and documents, and their controlling distribution.
  • Powerful search capabilities
    • Search digital documents, scanned papers, emails and even photos of documents became searchable as soon as they hit the cloud.
    • Searching and retrieving documents with a single view into those digital assets for collaboration.
    • Forensic search enables you to find every document even if you do not know its name.

Our system is designed to work well with remote offices and workers, tablet devices and smart phones. Our flexible system means your workers will have what they need instantly. Anywhere!

Stored Documents:

  • Can be uploaded automatically to watch folders, which uses a simple drag and drop / right click system.
  • Have a trackable life- from creation to deletion:
    • See who views, downloads, or modifies each document and when
    • See a documents full life, including all its modified versions, by who and when
  • Digitally signed when uploaded into the system, which satisfies an International standard that proves its authenticity
  • Have OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that makes every uploaded document searchable – even photos of documents taken with a Smartphone can become fully searchable!

Every record can be found, shared, controlled and archived all in one easy to use system!

Best of All

As a Saas (software as a service) we require a low monthly payment, with no licensing fees, upfront capital or IT staff needed. We maintain all updates and maintenance and you’ll enjoy all of the benefits!

    Industry Challenges

    Today, the Financial Service industry continues to search for innovative ways to improve the customer experience and strengthen customer relationships. This becomes extremely important in today’s competitive environment for both internal needs as well as serving external customers. The need for file sharing, collaboration, and online storage that drives results is essential to increasing efficiency and effectiveness, and to keeping pace in a global economy.

    The ability to integrate these requirements into enterprise content and records management systems is paramount. This includes the ability to save financial documents online and support a wide range of paper documents that can be scanned, such as customer files and forms, different transactions, and cases, without the burden of adding excessive costs in the process.

    This environment, as well as the reporting, auditing, compliance requirements, is ever changing. This makes the need for tools to be secured and easily integrated into existing systems and workflows very important. The cross collaboration between teams and individuals to respond quickly and efficiently is essential to strengthening the client/customer relationship.

    You’ll have all the tools you need for document review and discovery. Our focus on record and content management aligns with the needs of your ever-expanding and changing role in financial services.

      Key Areas of Payback Include:

      Human Resources

      • I-9’s, Wage Theft Prevention Act, W-4, W-2
      • Wage / hour tracking for input into payroll system
      • Applications, reference checks, benefit forms, worker’s comp claims
      • Credentialing and Training –authorization documentation
      • Performance appraisals, disciplinary actions, separation paperwork


      • Documentation of processes and procedures
      • Equipment maintenance and testing, including sprinkler systems, generators, emergency lighting, emergency power, fire alarm systems
      • OSHA / EPA / DOH required record-keeping
      • Training / Certification

      Finance / Legal / G&A

      • HR hours, vacation or sick days
      • Insurance Information
      • Transportation Systems
      • Finance
      • Budgets and planning documents
      • Asset control
      • Tax documentation, invoices, receipts
      • Litigation – Producing documents / email on demand
      • Email – Leveraging email as a business asset
      • Administrative document sharing across locations

      ROI is easy with InfoPreserve, you can be up and running within an hour and it’s so user friendly your entire department can be using it at one time.

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