Functional Areas

Functional areas within an organization have many documents and records that are critical to the organization. It is important to ensure that these are safely retained and can easily be found by those people who need them.

Regulatory Compliance

New issues constantly arise requiring regulatory clarity and powerful reporting tools that can be seamlessly integrated to meet both internal needs and external requests.


A major concern facing human resources most organizations is staying in compliance with ever changing regulations and managing records and content in a consistent and repeatable manner.


Today, the Financial Service industry continues to seek out innovative ways to improve the customer experience and strengthen customer relationships.

Business Records

An organization’s business records are critical to the smooth functioning of the organization. Examples of these records can be as diverse as board of directors’ meeting minutes, purchase orders and invoices, HR records, policies and procedures etc.


Marketing and sales have many documents and records that are critical to the business. Examples can include sales collaterals, RFP’s, responses to RFP’s, sales proposals, sales contracts, etc. It is essential that these documents and records are kept securely while still being readily accessible to those who need them.


Engineering departments have many needs for preserving documents and records. These can include drawings, technical reports, procedures, test results, Intellectual Property assets, etc.. It is important to be able to keep control of these at an organization level to ensure they are kept safe and that there are controls over who can access.

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