Planning, Implementation and Training

Let’s Get the Process Started

InfoPreserve helps you plan and launch your team’s transition to a new process for document management.

The product can easily be configured to fit your industry and internal workflows, and initial users are typically up and running with one short training session.

Use Our Free Training Video Library

We offer online videos to walk you through the process of set-up and use. They will answer many of the basic questions you might have. Our system is so easy and intuitive to use that you will be ready to go in no time!

InfoPreserve Setup Could Not Be Faster or Easier!

It’s all designed for non-technical users and you are in control:

  • Automatic installation with setup wizards
  • Installation takes just a few minutes
  • Setup Wizards automatically walk you through the installation
  • Almost no training is needed
  • No need for your IT department or an outside trainer

Simple, Searchable & Secure (easy too): that is not only how our system works, but so does the setup!

Training Options

Your transition to the InfoPreserve cloud can begin with one or two people and a small set of documents, or you may choose to bring an entire department online at once. If your busy staff needs assistance, we can provide experienced project managers and/or support to supplement your in-house resources. We are here to work with you via phone, email, or an online meeting platform to help you with this process.

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