PreservationVault Ensures Digital Document Security

Achieve Data & Digital Asset Storage, Organization & Protection with Preservation Vault

The vital nature of your data and digital assets requires more than the run-of-the-mill security.

At InfoPreserve, our mission is to provide secure online document storage that allows you to share and collaborate with full control of your files, while allowing your business to secure, manage, and control the information.

InfoPreserve’s secure document repository PreservationVault keeps all your critical documents safe in our private cloud in our SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II Certified Data Center with access controls, retention management, deletion protection, and more.

Access Controls

You control which users can see each document or group of documents.

Each document has its own life and you can track everyone who sees it, changes or downloads that document from birth to death. Learn more about access controls.

Retention Management

Set your own document review and deletion dates. Nothing can be removed without the ok from the manager of that information. Retention management details.

Deletion Protection

Prevent errors or malicious activity. Every deletion requires approval and actual deletion is DoD-caliber multi-overwrite.

Custom Tags, Descriptions and Notes

These can be applied to one or more documents at a time. All of this information and the document metadata is fully searchable.

Content Authentication

Digital signatures prove that your documents have not been altered. More about content authentication.

Audit Trails

Track every touch of a document to better control distribution and deter bad behavior. How do audit trails work?


Within access parameters you establish, documents can be located immediately by any member of your team.

You can grant access to outside entities, venders or subcontractors for a select set of files, enabling efficient workflow, but with the ability to monitor who touches any document.

The latest methods in digital security ensure that files are both private and protected, and that we operate an infrastructure designed for high availability.

Top Tier Type II Data Center

In addition to software-based security, your data is hosted at a full-service, top-tier SSAE16 Type II Data Center comprising:

  • Four levels of physical security
  • 50+ IP video surveillance cameras
  • Biometric access controls
  • Self-contained, single story, building with hardened perimeter
  • Infrastructure engineered to 99.999% availability
  • Multiple fire suppression methods
  • Failover systems including generators than can run the facility indefinitely should the power grid be down
  • Multiple Internet provider pipes for high availability

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