Searchable, Secure and Compliant:

PreservationVault is an online document management service.
This is not a standard “backup” service.

There is a huge difference between tossing files into a cloud and a permanent preservation and archival storage solution. More than a backup, the InfoPreserve’s web-based service archives every document in its original form and several other permanent formats.

Documents in the system have a trackable life; see which employees and clients have viewed, downloaded or modified each document and when.

Every document, when uploaded, receives a digital signature, defining it as the original. Each time the document is changed, the version is noted. So over the course of the documents lifetime, your administrators can see its version history.

PreservationVault is HIPAA and SEC/FINRA compliant, and can be interfaced with Microsoft Office tools.

Our goal is NOT to eliminate your use of paper (or even encourage your office to “go paperless”) but to create a centralized “one-stop” for your business records with an ease of management and use your workforce will be eager to adopt.

Our solution is designed to maintain security but not impede your workflow!


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Did You Know?

According to a study published by the McKinsey Institute, working professionals spend an average of 9.3 hours a week looking for information; half the time they never find what they are looking for! That’s like paying 5 employees, but only 4 are showing up for work.

If you could get even some of that time back, would that be valuable to your business? That’s what we do at InfoPreserve!

Central Document Management System

Watch Folders Automatically Uploads Your Information

Without a central document management system and watch folders to automatically upload your information, your data could be lost in a maze of networks drives, desktops, and jump drives. Most employees are neglegent when backing up their data and they put their company at risk if vital information is lost.

Our folder system is designed for companies sharing and collaborating. We offer a way to secure your information with an innovative file system, watch folders, and security system designed for today’s’ business.

You simply upload a file and designate who’s allowed to see it.

  • When you need a document, our intuitive, powerful search feature does all the work. There is no need to comb through a confusing folder and file structure.
  • InfoPreserve’s permission levels enable you to determine who can upload, view, download, and delete each file within your company’s account.
  • The file management system provides detailed audit trails so you know each files exact “who, what, where and when”.
  • The approval and retention workflow protects against accidental or malicious deletion of business critical files.
  • The latest methods in digital file storage security ensure that files are private, protected and available.

Every document, when uploaded, receives a digital signature, defining it as the original.

Effortlessly Share Documents

The ability to effortlessly share documents throughout your entire organization is extremely beneficial.
Share openly, but easily withhold confidential documents and information when necessary.
With InfoPreserve you can also authenticate files. You can prove that files have not been altered since the date and time they were uploaded.

Storage in the Cloud

Our private cloud storage is the perfect central depository for your business documents.
Our content management system can be accessed by remote works, vendors, remote offices and subcontractors.
Firms can store and share vital assets while keeping track of users, documents, and their controlling distribution.

Software as a Service Model

InfoPreserve utilizes the software as a service (SaaS) model.

This means your costs are minimized because there is no need to purchase hardware, appoint a full time IT employee, or purchase software licenses.

You pay a subscription fee for using the service, thus making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

With InfoPreserve you are up and running in hours. The system is so intuitive your staff can be trained and using the system on the first day.

No long, complex implementation process, just results!


Access Controls determine who within your organization is allowed to view each file.

Detailed audit trails and dashboard reporting analytics are designed to show every interaction with every document. Approvals workflow protects against accidental or malicious deletion of business critical files. The latest methods in digital security ensure that files are both private and protected and we operate an infrastructure designed for high availability.


Our powerful search capability puts information instantly at your finger tips.

Locate documents quickly and easily without needing to know the file name or the directory where it was stored. You can even match a search phrase in an attachment to an email! You can locate groups of documents based on metadata characteristics or unique identifiers that you define.

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