Project Management & Staff Augmentation

Designed to Work

Your transition to the InfoPreserve private cloud can begin with one or two people and a small set of documents, or you may choose to bring an entire department online at once.

Our system is designed to work just as well with small groups as with full organizations.

We Work With Large or Small Groups

Your company may want to start in one department consisting of a few employees, or with your whole entire company. We help that group, no matter the size, get started quickly.

You can begin with just one department and add in others when you notice the success and cost efficiency of InfoPreserve’s services.

InfoPreserve also works with a wide variety of disciplines from compliance and legal to HR.

A Team of Partners Who Are Here to Help

We can adjust to any business size and grow as you need service. If your busy staff needs setup assistance, we can provide experienced project managers and support personnel to supplement your in-house resources. Our many Agents/VARS (Value-Added Resellers) and strategic partners can offer a unique suite of professional services.

We are here to make it all Simple, Searchable & Secure. Let us help you to use our secure and easy to use private cloud.

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