Manage Timeframes

Records retention means keeping your documents as long as you must but having the ability to eliminate them when you should!

InfoPreserve’s document archive format uses a built-in retention workflow model which makes it easy to manage the timeframes for mandated record-keeping.

Safe for Now…

The system administrator has the capability to set user permissions (even subpermission filters) as well as the retention period for each document and department.

No document is automatically deleted – users can tag a document for deletion, but this must then be approved by a system administrator (we provide alerts and reminders on retention period).

No indivual can destroy your data either by accident or on purpose.

…and for the Future

Your data is backed up, archived and preserved in a private cloud. Its safe, secure, and never leaves the United States.

We convert over 140 proprietary formats to an international standard for retention.

This ensures you will always be able to view your data in this format.

More than a “Back up”

There is a huge difference between backup and archive and preservation.

More than a backup, InfoPreserve preserves every document in its original form, a viewable file, and a fully functional copy in an international standards-based format that can be access for years to come.

Documents in the retention management system have a trackable life; see who views, downloads or modifies each document and when it was modified.

Every document, when entered, receives a digital signature, identifying it as the original. Each time the document is changed, that version is noted. Over the course of the document’s life your administrators can see the entire history.

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