Save Emails

Info In Seconds

Emails are one of the most important business developments in the last 100 years.

The downside is that often you do not have the ability to know who sent what to whom.

If you can’t find important information about a case, customer, or vendor you might have to check with everyone in your team. You’ll have to find who worked on the project and have them search their emails and attachments to locate the information.

With the infoPreserve online email archival capabilities you can search emails for a specific document or term and find it quickly. Why waste most of a morning looking for information and going from desk to desk? Use InfoPreserve and the information will be at your desk in seconds.

Saving Emails for Search & Retrieval

Before InfoPreserve, documents were saved separately from your email, but the content of the email has relevance to the document that was attached.

With InfoPreserve, you can immediately target messages within your email repository with their attachments for automatic upload thus making them instantly available for search and retrieval.

You can even match a search phrase, word, title or project number in any email attachment.

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