Powerful Search

Find A Document in Seconds

You no longer need to know the name of the document or where it was filed, InfoPreserve will find it in seconds even if it’s an email attachment.

Save time and increase productivity with the ability to search through all of your records including email attachments or scanned paper documents.

Locate documents quickly and easily without needing to know what the document was named or the directory where it was stored.

You can even match a search phrase, authors or a like word in an attachment to an email! Locate groups of documents based on metadata characteristics or unique identifiers that you define.

InfoPreserve offers a full document search and an archived search to ensure that you find all your files. Our powerful forensic search capability puts information instantly at your finger tips.

Search Types

InfoPreserve provides all your standard search types:

  • Full Text Search
  • Setup Custom Tags
  • Search Upload/Download Statistics
  • Search Tracking(Reports)
  • Role Based Access Searching

Advanced Search Options

InfoPreserve has built an industry leading advanced document keyword search option to ensure you can find anything in your system.

Here are some examples of the type of searchs you can perform:

  • An “Any Words” search is any sequence of text, like a sentence or a question.
  • An “All Words” search request is like an “Any Words” search except that all of the words in the search request must be present for a document to be retrieved.
  • Search terms can include special characters: ?, =, *, %, #, ~, &, ~~
  • A search word can contain the wildcard characters * and ?
  • Fuzzy searching will find a word even if it is misspelled
  • Phonic searching looks for a word that sounds like the word you are searching for and begins with the same letter.
  • Stemming extends a search to cover grammatical variations on a word
  • Synonym searching finds synonyms of a word that you include in a search request
  • A numeric range search is a search for any numbers that fall within a range

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