PreservationVault Affords Total Ease of Document Search and Organization

Why is Searchability so important in today’s business world?

That sounds like a very basic question, but the inability to find information actually costs businesses billions a year in lost productivity, lost information, and, in the case of compliance and legal issues, huge amounts of money.

When a person needs to find a digitized document, record, article, image, etc. they’re not thinking in terms of files or folders. They’re thinking in terms of “keywords” and phrases immediately tied to the piece of data they’re seeking. A system of digital folders within folders (within more folders) may appear to afford comprehensive organization, but that’s not how the human brain is wired to look for data…

Finding Your Information Can be a Huge Challenge

Your paper and digital documents are critical assets of your business, but only if you can find them.

For example, you are looking for a document you worked on two months ago, but can’t remember what you called it or where you put it. What you do remember is something that was in the document – if only you could find it based on the content.

The truth is, most documents, both paper and digital, lose their value very quickly. The amount of information generated in a business typically doubles every three months. This information only has value if employees can find it quickly.

Between employee turnover, downsizing, retirements, and company-wide reorganizations, workers have to find information authored by people who are no longer working in the same job. Additionally, how your files are organized on your work computer may be different than the organization of your co-worker’s on their computer. Disparate organizational systems between individual employees, regardless of if that organization is strong or weak, will ultimately prove inefficient.

Here are some of the risks of not finding your information:

  • Spending large amounts of time researching and writing something from scratch that already exists and is stored “somewhere” – you just can’t find it.
  • Wasting other people’s time trying to help you find information. Now the wasted time is multiplied several times over – what does that cost?
  • Finding only part of the information and making a business case based on incomplete information.
  • Regulatory compliance – if you can’t quickly produce the information the government wants, you may be subject to HUGE FINES!!
  • Vital information is needed for a legal or patent case. Can’t find it? You lose!
  • Slowing down your business to the point that your competitors win your business: Your quotes take two weeks while theirs is ready the next day. You lose again!

InfoPreserve is Your Answer

With InfoPreserve, you no longer need to know what a document was named or where it was placed. Our powerful search tools allow you to find any document, even if you do not know much about it, in seconds.

Save time and increase productivity with the ability to search all of your records, including email attachments!

Our powerful forensic search capability puts information instantly at your finger tips. Locate documents quickly and easily without needing to know what the document was named or the directory where it was stored. You can even match a search phrase, authors or a like word in an attachment to an email!

Locate groups of documents based on metadata characteristics or unique identifiers that you define. We provide a selection of filters that will help define your search and allow you to look thought thousands of pages in seconds.

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