Securely Store & Retain Healthcare Records Online

Comprehensive Organization That Meets Compliance Requirements

Senior care facilities, hospitals, and home healthcare agencies use InfoPreserve to manage mandated recordkeeping and increase efficiency in operations.

PreservationVault, our proprietary easy-to-use secure healthcare storage platform helps manage digital files and paper records (scanned to digital formats), and supports and promotes process improvements in both office areas and facility-wide.

Don’t risk penalties, fines or data breaches that come with ineffective methods of record storage!

PreservationVault allows you to manage and collaborate your records with a high level of security in a system that is easy to use and intuitive.

A medical facility was running out of space to store the records – even half of the employee break room was occupied with boxes of HIM records. InfoPreserve had the solution. Read the full case study here.

How It Works

The InfoPreserve Solution offers a private cloud based solution housed in the USA that is designed to be Simple, Searchable, and Secure.

Our system is designed for easy workflow, document management, and collaboration between departments, vendors, customers, and anyone else you need to work with. We put the control in your hands.

InfoPreserve has designed an intelligent document management solution that enables:

  • Uploading digital assets and documents quickly and efficiently for file sharing.
  • Exceptional viewing and upload controls – easy to collaborate, but strict controls keep data safe.
  • Preserving, integrating, and exporting documents.
  • Use of strict access controls and audit trails within InfoPreserve, which allows firms to store and share vital assets while keeping track of users and documents, and their controlling distribution.
  • Powerful search capabilities
    • Search digital documents, scanned papers, emails and even photos of documents became searchable as soon as they hit the cloud.
    • Searching and retrieving documents with a single view into those digital assets for collaboration.
    • Forensic search enables you to find every document even if you do not know its name.

Our system is designed to work well with remote offices and workers, tablet devices and smart phones. Our flexible system means your workers will have what they need instantly. Anywhere!

The InfoPreserve System:

  • Allows you to save healthcare files online
  • Easy to use and install
  • Train your entire staff in a matter of hours
  • Innovative operating system that makes record management easy and effortless
  • Automatic Watch folders upload and back up your documents constantly
  • Perform self audits to ensure compliance in all aspects of record keeping
  • Prevent huge fines by being compliant, prepared and well organized
  • Search for any type of record and in seconds have everything at your finger tips
  • Built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that makes every uploaded document searchable

Many managed care systems can be very complicated, but InfoPreserve is not. It works well with 140 standard software formats.

Staffing can be a challenge. Looking for skilled professionals is often times consuming. Just upload all of the resumes into the InfoPreserve cloud and within seconds you can find the skills you need from thousands of resumes on file. Consistancy of documentation is an important part of the onboarding process. Having a central place to store and retrieve documents will keep the process streamlined and on track. HR managers will save time and money too by performing self audits. By doing this they have the potential to save the company thousands in noncompliance fines.

Internal finance and risk compliance managers are looking for ways to save on cost but stay in compliance with state and federal regulations. With InfoPreserve, these managers have the tools to make the job manageable. Self audits are an easy way to test your readiness. Reports can target who is viewing what and when a forensic search makes finding anything in the system a snap. As a key part of the healthcare picture, compliance and control of your finances will help keep an operation in the black and lower the risk of huge noncompliance fines.

We work well with others. Protecting your documents is very important, but there are things we must share as part of the business of medicine. Outside vendors, consultants, suppliers, and sister medical operations all need access to some kind of records. With InfoPreserve you can control the security of every patient record, financial document, legal record, and so much more. The correct people have access to only what they need- we make it Simple, Searchable and Secure.

Our private cloud is a perfect central depository and can be accessed by remote workers, venders, offices, clinics and regional care facilities. More than a backup, it archives every document in its original form and several other permanent formats.

ROI is easy with InfoPreserve, you can be up and running within an hour and its so user friendly your entire department can be using it at one time.

Best of All

As a SaaS (software as a service) we require a low monthly payment, with no licensing fees, upfront capital or IT staff needed. We maintain all updates and maintenance and you’ll enjoy all of the benefits!

    Industry Challenges

    Today, the healthcare industry continues to undergo rapid changes in terms of content and records management, as well as, file sharing and collaboration of digital assets. Our hospitals, managed care facilities, and suppliers to this industry are all trying to enhance the patient experience and balance their budgets. Healthcare executives are cautious about adding new systems and processes that do not produce a positive return on investment or enhance the customer experience.

    The challenges range from managing patient records to reducing costs of services while improving patient delivery. The balancing act includes enhancing the back-office operations with reporting and auditing needs to satisfy regulatory requirements.

    This is an ever changing environment that requires flexible systems and processes that can be integrated into current operations to fully leverage investments. A secure and efficient system is necessary for front office staff or back office operations where file sharing, online storage, and collaboration are essential every day. Our System is design to make it Simple Safe and Secure.

    Senior care facilities, hospitals, and home healthcare agencies use InfoPreserve to manage mandated recordkeeping and increase efficiency in operations.

      Key Areas of Payback Include:

      Human Resources

      • Onboarding, I-9’s, Wage Theft Prevention Act, W-4, W-2
      • Wage / hour tracking for input into payroll system
      • Applications, reference checks, benefit forms, worker’s comp claims
      • Credentialing and Training – authorization documentation
      • Performance appraisals, disciplinary actions, separation paperwork


      • Documentation of processes and procedures
      • Equipment maintenance and testing, including sprinkler systems, generators, emergency lighting, emergency power, fire alarm systems
      • OSHA / EPA / DOH required record-keeping
      • Training / Certification

      Finance / Legal / G&A

      • Pharmacy Records
      • Patient records that are not contained in an EMR system
      • Insurance Information
      • Transportation Systems
      • Finance
      • Budgets and planning documents
      • Asset control
      • Tax documentation, invoices, receipts
      • Litigation – Producing documents / email on demand
      • Email – Leveraging email as a business asset
      • Administrative document sharing across locations

      Staffing can be a challenge, looking for skilled professionals is often time consuming, just upload all of the resumes into the InfoPreserve cloud and within second you can find the skills you need from thousands of resumes on file.

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