Making Online Document Management Simple & Easy.

“All our business knows is maintaining paper documents.”
“We’d like to move to a more cohesive management system – but don’t know where to begin.”
“We don’t have the time to even assess where to begin.”

We understand. And we can help.

InfoPreserve and our reseller partners will work with you to make it as simple and easy as possible to move your current information into the InfoPreserve private cloud.

We offer multiple options that are fast and cost-effective; training does not require an all day class, we can have you up and running that morning. We believe the sooner your staff is trained and using the system the faster you will see ROI.

Depending on your needs, we offer the following services to make the process smooth and seamless.

A file we’ve created digitally must be easy to find, right?

Not always. Records, files and documents can be scattered across computers within an organization, disparately, with no comprehensive way to centralize these files, or access to and collaboration on these files.

Kickoff Training

InfoPreserve helps you to plan and launch your team’s transition to a new process for document management.

Project Management & Staff Augmentation

Your transition to the InfoPreserve private cloud can begin with one or two people and a small set of documents, or you may choose to bring an entire department online at once.

Records Management Assessment

In today’s business climate it’s crucial that your greatest asset, your records, are fully managed, protected, and instantly searchable too.

Document Categorization

We will scan your paper documents and categorize them based on the criteria you provide. You can then use those criteria to tag groups of documents and set retention time frames.

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