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    SaaS Model and Private Cloud Computing

    Today's competitive enterprises demand greater economies of scale in all disciplines, including their technology platforms and data centers.

    So why consider a private cloud solution like InfoPreserve?

    Implementing a SaaS (Software as a Service) model is a fast and low cost way to buy the service you need without the multiple costs that come with adding a new platform.

    With the current explosion of unstructured data, the agility and scalability of a private cloud solution for document management is a critical competitive advantage.

    It’s more cost effective, requires less labor to maintain and ready whenever you are. With a quick return on ROI!

    You run your business, we’ll run the cloud.

    Outsourcing Software

    With our outsourced SaaS model storage private cloud solution, you’ll save a tremendous amount of time and money while increasing user satisfaction and productivity.

    Feature Rich Self Service

    The InfoPreserve environment is a complete, feature-rich, self-service user portal for SaaS document filing.

    It incorporates:

    • Fully scalable storage
    • Robust forensic-level searchability
    • Audited recordkeeping for an ever-increasing pool of unstructured data

    Fast ROI

    With the exponential growth in data, the true benefit of online storage SaaS and cloud computing lies in enabling a more usable and powerful business infrastructure for our customers with shared resources management by InfoPreserve.

    • More efficient document management
    • Greater business agility
    • Immediate implementation and payback
    • Monthly recurring fee (no upfront capital)
    • No time lag for the acquisition and startup of new servers and software
    • You’re up and running the same day because it can be installed in under an hour.
    • The learning curve is very short. Your staff will be uploading and searching by the end of the day.
    • Our professional services team is here to help you quickly adapt to your new resource.

    Organizations can quickly see the value of this service, enjoy time savings and accelerate your ROI.

    Give us a call today (585-542-4177) and talk to one of our experts.