Records Management Assessment

Securing Your Data

Record management is the art of knowing the best approaches and knowhow, to track, categorize, and secure your business’s most important assets – your data.

While most companies recognize the need to maintain certain records in order to meet government or industry mandates, few do it well or even know how to do it effectively.

Robust & Easy to Use

Records retention management is a comprehensive process. You need a system that is robust and still easy to use. InfoPreserve will work with you to evaluate your current practices and look for opportunities for improvement.

We can offer you features such as:

  • Custom tags
  • Document architecture
  • Automatic Watch Folders that will remember to upload your documents even when your staff forgets

Here to Help

Storage Policies can be set for departments or for the entire company. Policies become very important when you have companies working with remote workers and global offices. Consistent record keeping is a must and even more important when your workers are not in the same time zone.

InfoPreserve’s intuitive record management system will enable you to keep all of your records in one location but use your data anytime, anywhere.

We can help you craft and design document retention policies based on applicable legal requirements and business needs, and together create a plan for moving to a proactive records management process.

InfoPreserve and its VARS offer a wide assortment of services designed to help your business solve problems and make your job easier.

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