It’s So Easy

InfoPreserve allows companies to manage their important documents and records (their digital assets) in a way that’s never been available before.

Moving your organization’s documents and other critical digital files to the InfoPreserve cloud allows your whole team to benefit the most from these digital assets. If you can do a Google® search, you’ll understand how easy this system is for the non-technical user. Up and running in a few hours…and that’s just ONE benefit.


Eliminate siloing of information – centralize all your critical business information.


Reduce the time each employee spends looking for information by up to 8 hours per week.

Save Emails

Quickly locate not only emails but attachments to those emails.

Access Level Controls

Manage user access – Control access to information by user.

Audit Trails

Track & monitor every action of every user.


Easily keep only what you need for as long as you need it!


Digital copies of paper files now have the same legal standing as the original. Our technology allows the content of a digital file to be authenticated so you can prove files have not been altered.

SaaS Model

Get anytime, anywhere access and reduce the need to network storage.

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