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    From Any Device with an Internet Connection

    Reduce the time everyone in your organization spends searching for information by up to 8 hours/week, including digital documents, emails with attachments, and scanned paper records by immediately searching for it based on content.

    What if you could instantly find and access the information
    you need to do your job quicker and better?.

    Cloud File Collaboration

    InfoPreserve is an amazingly easy to use cloud-based environment for making your company’s documents, business emails, and scanned records shareable and searchable.
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    File Storage Security

    The vital nature of your data and digital assets requires more than the run-of-the-mill security. At InfoPreserve, it’s our mission to provide a level of security that allows you to share and collaborate with full control of your documents.
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    SaaS Model

    Implementing a SaaS (Software as a Service) model is a fast and low cost way to buy the service you need without the multiple costs that come with adding a new platform.
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    Powerful Search

    InfoPreserve provides the strongest forensic search in the industry. You no longer need to know what a document was named or where it was placed, InfoPreserve will find it in seconds.
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    InfoPreserve is a great solution, it complements our internal document management systems, and provides a steamlined business process for long-term archival and retrieval of our critical documents. I was up and running in 45 minutes."

    Nicole O’Brien – IT systems Manager, Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP     Other Testimonials